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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Aug-2010Towards tagging and categorization for micro-blogsGarcia Esparza, SandraO'Mahony, Michael P.Smyth, Barry
Dec-2008Trust-enhanced peer-to-peer collaborative web searchSmyth, BarryBriggs, Peter
2008Understanding mobile information needsChurch, KarenSmyth, Barry
2009Understanding the intent behind mobile information needsChurch, KarenSmyth, Barry
25-Aug-2017User-based Opinion-based RecommendationDong, RuihaiSmyth, Barry
10-Jul-2018Using Machine Learning to Build a Better Fitness App to Help Runners to Run a Faster MarathonSmyth, Barry
28-Apr-2010Using readability tests to predict helpful product reviewsO'Mahony, Michael P.Smyth, Barry
31-Aug-2011Using social ties in group recommendationBourke, StevenMcCarthy, KevinSmyth, Barry
Oct-2009Using Twitter to recommend real-time topical newsPhelan, OwenMcCarthy, KevinSmyth, Barry
Aug-2009A visual interface for social information filteringO'Donovan, JohnGretarsson, BrynjarBostandjiev, SvetlinHollerer, TobiasSmyth, Barry
2009Visual interfaces for improved mobile searchChurch, KarenSmyth, BarryOliver, Nuria
20-Mar-2019Visualising Module Dependencies in Academic RecommendationsHagemann, NinaO'Mahony, Michael P.Smyth, Barry
Jul-2010Visualization for the masses : learning from the expertsFreyne, JillSmyth, Barry
2008(Web Search) shared : social aspects of a collaborative, community-based search networkCoyle, MauriceSmyth, Barry
Jun-2009What have the neighbours ever done for us? A collaborative filtering perspectiveRafter, RachaelO'Mahony, Michael P.Hurley, Neil J.Smyth, Barry
7-Oct-2018Why I like it: Multi-task Learning for Recommendation and ExplanationLu, Yichao;Dong, RuihaiSmyth, Barry