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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Mar-2018Convolutional Matrix Factorization for Recommendation ExplanationLu, YichaoDong, RuihaiSmyth, Barry
May-2010Coping with noisy search experiencesChampin, Pierre-AntoineBriggs, PeterCoyle, MauriceSmyth, Barry
Aug-2009Creating visualizations : a case-based reasoning perspectiveFreyne, JillSmyth, Barry
16-Oct-2013The Curated Web: A Recommendation ChallengeSaaya, ZurinaRafter, RachaelSchaal, MarkusSmyth, Barry
Oct-2009Demonstrating social search a la HeyStaksSmyth, BarryCoyle, MauriceBriggs, Peter
Sep-2012The Demonstration of the Reviewer's AssistantDong, RuihaiSchaal, MarkusO'Mahony, Michael P.McCarthy, KevinSmyth, Barry
2008Development and user evaluation of a virtual rehabilitation system for wobble board balance trainingFitzgerald, DiarmaidTrakarnratanakul, NanthanaDunne, LucySmyth, BarryCaulfield, Brian
2-May-2010Distortion as a validation criterion in the identification of suspicious reviewsWu, GuangyuGreene, DerekSmyth, BarryCunningham, Pádraig
14-Dec-2010Effective product recommendation using the real-time webGarcia Esparza, SandraO'Mahony, Michael P.Smyth, Barry
30-Dec-2017Efficient Sequence Regression by Learning Linear Models in All-Subsequence SpaceGsponer, SeverinSmyth, BarryIfrim, Georgiana
23-Oct-2011Evaluating user reputation in collaborative web searchMcNally, KevinO'Mahony, Michael P.Smyth, Barry
Jul-2009The experience web : a case-based reasoning perspectiveSmyth, BarryChampin, Pierre-Antoine
22-Jul-2010Experience-based critiquing : reusing critiquing experiences to improve conversational recommendationMcCarthy, KevinSalem, YasserSmyth, Barry
21-Sep-2018Explanation-based Ranking in Opinionated Recommender SystemsMuhammad, KhalilLawlor, AonghusSmyth, Barry
3-Sep-2012Exploiting Extended Search Sessions for Recommending Search Experiences in the Social WebSaaya, ZurinaSchaal, MarkusCoyle, MauriceBriggs, PeterSmyth, Barry
21-Apr-2011Finding useful users on twitter : twittomender the followee recommenderHannon, JohnMcCarthy, KevinSmyth, Barry
17-Jul-2016From More-Like-This to Better-Than-This: Hotel Recommendations from User Generated ReviewsDong, RuihaiSmyth, Barry
3-May-2018From Opinions to RecommendationsO'Mahony, Michael P.Smyth, Barry
4-Sep-2015From Small Sensors to Big DataSmyth, Barry
31-Aug-2011Further experiments in micro-blog categorizationGarcia Esparza, SandraO'Mahony, Michael P.Smyth, Barry