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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2016Exponential extended flash time-to-digital converterChen, PengStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
27-May-2015Fractional spur suppression in all-digital phase-locked loopsChen, PengHuang, XiongChuanStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
29-Aug-2017Frequency-domain adaptive-resolution level-crossing-sampling ADCWang, HongyingSchembari, FilippoStaszewski, Robert BogdanMiśkowicz, Marek
14-May-2019From two types of electrostatic position-dependent semiconductor qubits to quantum universal gates and hybrid semiconductor-superconducting quantum computerPomorski, KrzysztofGiounanlis, PanagiotisBlokhina, ElenaLeipold, DirkPȩczkowski, PawełStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
18-Sep-2015A fully integrated 28nm Bluetooth low-energy transmitter with 36% system efficiency at 3dBmKuo, Feng-WeiBabaie, MasoudChen, RonStaszewski, Robert Bogdanet al.
23-May-2016A Fully Integrated Bluetooth Low-Energy Transmitter in 28 nm CMOS With 36% System Efficiency at 3 dBmBabaie, MasoudKuo, Feng-WeiChen, RonStaszewski, Robert Bogdanet al.
Feb-2016A High IIP2 SAW-Less Superhetero-dyne Receiver with Multi-Stage Harmonic RejectionMadadi, ImanTohidian, MassoudCornelissens, KoenVandenameele, PatrickStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
30-Jan-2019Intuitive Understanding of Flicker Noise Reduction via Narrowing of Conduction Angle in Voltage-Biased OscillatorsHu, YizheSiriburanon, TeerachotStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
24-Apr-2018A Low-Flicker-Noise 30-GHz Class-F23 Oscillator in 28-nm CMOS Using Implicit Resonance and Explicit Common-Mode Return PathHu, YizheSiriburanon, TeerachotStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
31-Aug-2017Oscillator-based ADCs: An exploration of time-mode analog-to-digital conversionNguyen, VietSchembari, FilippoStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
Jun-2018The (R)evolution of Distributed Amplifiers: From Vacuum Tubes to Modern CMOS and GaN ICsNikandish, GholamrezaStaszewski, Robert BogdanZhu, Anding
27-Jun-2006A Sigma-Delta ADC with Decimation and Gain Control Function for a Bluetooth Receiver in 130 nm Digital CMOSKoh, JinseokGomez, GabrielMuhammad, KhurramStaszewski, Robert BogdanHaroun, Baher
19-Jun-2015A TDD/FDD SAW-less superheterodyne receiver with blocker-resilient band-pass filter and multi-stage HR in 28nm CMOSMadadi, ImanTohidian, MassoudCornelissens, KoenVandenameele, PatrickStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
Aug-2015A Tiny Quadrature Oscillator Using Low-Q Series LC TanksTohidian, MassoudAhmadi-Mehr, S. Amir-RezaStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
12-Jun-2015Toward Solving Multichannel RF-SoC Integration Issues Through Digital Fractional DivisionMehr, Seyed Amir Reza AhmadiTohidian, MassoudStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
Jun-2015Towards Solving Multi-channel RF-SoC Integration Issues Through Digital Fractional DivisionMehr, Seyed Amir Reza AhmadiTohidian, MassoudStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
Mar-2015An Ultra-Low Phase Noise Class-F 2 CMOS Oscillator With 191 dBc/Hz FoM and Long-Term ReliabilityBabaie, MasoudStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
22-May-2015A waveform-shaping millimeter-wave oscillator with 184.7dBc/Hz FOM in 40nm digital CMOS processLuo, XunQian, Huizhen JennyStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
Apr-2014A wideband 2x 13-bit all-digital I/Q RF-DACAlavi, Morteza S.Staszewski, Robert Bogdande Vreede, Leo C. N.Long, John R.
19-May-2015A wideband 60 GHz class-E/F2 power amplifier in 40nm CMOSBabaie, MasoudStaszewski, Robert Bogdan