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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Immigration & Asylum LawCosgrave, CatherineThornton, Liam
16-Oct-2014Immigration (Reform) (Regularisation of Residency Status) Bill 2014Thornton, Liam
8-Nov-2013In opposition, Shatter was fiercely critical of direct provision for asylum seekers : Opinion: In government, however, he has radically changed his tuneThornton, Liam
4-Dec-2019International Protection System & Direct Provision in IrelandThornton, Liam
2016IntroductionNi Mhuirthile, TanyaO'Sullivan, Catherine, LL.M, Ph.D.Thornton, Liam
31-Jan-2018Ireland to opt-in to EU Reception Conditions Directive – what will this mean for asylum seekers?Thornton, Liam
May-2018Ireland: Asylum Seekers and RefugeesThornton, Liam
Mar-2012JB v Department for Social Development (DLA) [2011] NICOM 227Thornton, Liam
May-2012JFP v Department for Social Development (DLA) [2011] NICOM 267Thornton, Liam
Jan-2014Law, dignity & socio-economic rights: the case of asylum seekers in EuropeThornton, Liam
Nov-2012LS v Department for Social Development (IS) [2012] NICOM 327Thornton, Liam
Feb-2015MhicMathuna v IrelandThornton, Liam
Apr-2016MhicMathúna v IrelandThornton, Liam
3-Apr-2014More Asylum Seekers in 'Direct Provision' than Prisoners in JailThornton, Liam
2007O'Donnell v South Dublin County CouncilThornton, Liam
Dec-2007Olga Ferguson Sidorenko: The Common European Asylum System: Background, Current State of Affairs, Future DirectionsThornton, Liam
12-Jun-2019Opening Statement to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice and Equality on the System of Direct Provision in IrelandThornton, Liam
Apr-2012PM v Department for Social Development (ESA) [2011] NICOM 245Thornton, Liam
Jul-2015A Preliminary Human Rights Analysis of the Working Group Report and Recommendations on Direct ProvisionThornton, Liam
Jul-2015A Report on the Application of the European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003 and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights: Evaluation and ReviewKingston, SuzanneThornton, Liam