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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2015Aerial laser scanning and imagery data fusion for road detection in city scaleVo, Anh-VuTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.
5-Sep-2014Application of Terrestrial Laser Scanner in Bridge Inspection: Review and an OpportunityTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.
30-Aug-2018Automated Bridge Deck Evaluation through UAV Derived Point CloudChen, SiyuanTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.Mangina, Eleni
Feb-2013Combining an Angle Criterion with Voxelization and the Flying Voxel Method in Reconstructing Building Models from LiDAR DataTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.Hinks, TommyCarr, Hamish
Mar-2014Crack detection limits in unit based masonry with terrestrial laser scanningLaefer, Debra F.Truong-Hong, LinhCarr, HamishSingh, Manmeet
23-Sep-2015Documentation of Bridges by Terrestrial Laser ScannerTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.
3-Oct-2015Evaluation of Automatically Generated 2D Footprints from Urban LiDAR DataTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.
Nov-2012Flying Voxel Method with Delaunay Triangulation Criterion for Façade/Feature Detection for ComputationTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.Hinks, Tommyet al.
8-Jan-2016Framework for Bridge Inspection with Laser ScanningTruong-Hong, LinhFalter, HolgerLennon, DonalLaefer, Debra F.
Mar-2013Impact of modeling architectural detailing for predicting unreinforced masonry response to subsidenceTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.
Nov-2019LiDAR point-cloud mapping of building façades for building energy performance simulationO'Donnell, JamesTruong-Hong, LinhBoyle, NiamhCorry, Edwardet al.
Dec-2011Manufacturing, assembly, and testing of scaled, historic masonry for one-gravity, pseudo-static, soil-structure experimentsLaefer, Debra F.Long, James H.Cording, Edward J.Erkal, AykutTruong-Hong, Linh
Nov-2008Micro vs. macro models for predicting building damage underground movementsTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.
1-Dec-2011New Advances in Automated Urban Modelling from Airborne Laser Scanning DataLaefer, Debra F.Hinks, TommyCarr, HamishTruong-Hong, Linh
Aug-2014Octree-based, automatic building façade generation from LiDAR dataTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.
May-2013Point Cloud Data Conversion into Solid Models via Point-Based VoxelizationHinks, TommyCarr, HamishTruong-Hong, Linhet al.
Jan-2011Processing of terrestrial laser scanning point cloud data for computational modelling of building facadesLaefer, Debra F.Truong-Hong, LinhFitzgerald, M.
Jun-2015Quantitative evaluation strategies for urban 3D model generation from remote sensing dataTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.
1-Nov-2013Reduction of lateral loads in abutments using ground anchorsLaefer, Debra F.Truong-Hong, LinhLe, Khanh Ba
15-May-2015A Semi-Automatic Member Detection for Metal BridgesTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.