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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2017Pilot evaluation of an online weight management programmeCawley, ShonaFarrell, S.Byrne, D. G.Turner, MichaelClune, B.McCartney, Daniel
Jun-2016Preanalytic Laboratory Standards (Letters to the Editor)Daly, NiamhTurner, Michael
Sep-2017Prevention of Neural Tube Defects in IrelandMcKeating, AoifeTurner, Michael
30-Jul-2016Provision of Information about Infant Feeding Postpartum Through Digital MediaMullaney, LauraCawley, ShonaO'Higgins, AmyKennedy, RachelMcCartney, DanielTurner, Michael
Dec-2016Recent trends in vaginal birth after caesarean sectionBrick, AoifeLayte, RichardFarren, MariaSheehan, S.Mahony, R.Turner, Michael
Jul-2014The relationship between gestational weight gain and fetal growth: time to take stock?O'Higgins, AmyDoolan, AnneMullaney, LauraDaly, NiamhMcCartney, DanielTurner, Michael
1-Nov-2017Time And temperature affect glycolysis in blood samples regardless of fluoride-based preservatives: a potential underestimation of diabetesStapleton, MaryDaly, NiamhO'Kelly, RuthTurner, Michael
Dec-2014The use of digital media by women using the maternity services in a developed countryO'Higgins, AmyMurphy, Olivia C.Egan, AileenMullaney, LauraSheehan, S.Turner, Michael
Mar-2015Vaginal Breech Delivery at Term: the Doctors' DilemmaTurner, MichaelMaguire, Patrick J.