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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Catching up with the leaders : the Irish hareHonohan, PatrickWalsh, Brendan M.
1987Commercial state-sponsored bodiesWalsh, Brendan M.
May-1993The contribution of human capital formation to post-war economic growth in IrelandWalsh, Brendan M.
6-Jan-1993Credibility, interest rates and the ERM : the Irish experience, 1986-92Walsh, Brendan M.
Nov-1980Critique of ESRI paper no. 97Baker, Terence J.Hannan, DamianRottman, David B.Walsh, Brendan M.
1973The demand for beer and spirits in IrelandWalsh, Brendan M.Kennedy, Kieran AnthonyEbrill, Liam P.
1981The demographic constraints : a commentWalsh, Brendan M.
1974The determinants of female labour force participation : an economic analysis of survey dataWalsh, Brendan M.Whelan, B. J.
2006Did (and does) the Irish border matter?Ó Gráda, CormacWalsh, Brendan M.
May-1986Do excise taxes save lives? The Irish experience with alcohol taxationWalsh, Brendan M.
Feb-1984Does Ireland have a special problem of youth unemployment?Walsh, Brendan M.
1980Drinking in Ireland : a review of trends in alcohol consumption, alcohol related problems and policies towards alcoholWalsh, Brendan M.
1970Econometric macro-model building in the Irish contextWalsh, Brendan M.
1971Economic and demographic adjustment of the Irish agricultural labour force, 1961-66Walsh, Brendan M.
1991The economic and social implications of emigrationNational Economic and Social CouncilSexton, GerryHannan, DamianWalsh, Brendan M.McMahon, Dorren
2003The economic appraisal system for projects seeking support from the industrial development agenciesMurphy, AnthonyWalsh, Brendan M.Barry, Frank
1975Economic aspects of local authority expenditure and financeCopeland, JohnWalsh, Brendan M.
1979Economic growth and development, 1945-70Walsh, Brendan M.
1997Economic stabilisation, recovery and growth : Ireland 1979-96Walsh, Brendan M.Leddin, Anthony J.
15-Feb-1997Economic stabilisation, recovery, and growth : Ireland 1979-1996Leddin, Anthony J.Walsh, Brendan M.