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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Feb-2016Labour Market Measures in Ireland 2008-13: The Crisis and BeyondWalsh, Frank
2013Labour market regulation and migration in IrelandWalsh, Frank
1999Labour market rents and Irish industrial policyWalsh, Frank
Oct-2010The minimum wage and hours per workerStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
Jan-2003Minimum Wages and compliance : the case of Trinidad and TobagoStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
Sep-2001Minimum wages for Ronald McDonald monopsonies : a theory of monopsonistic competition by V Bhaskar and Ted To - a commentWalsh, Frank
Nov-2000Monetary shocks with nominal wage stickiness and variable effortWalsh, Frank
Mar-2005Monetary shocks with variable effortWalsh, Frank
Nov-2000Monopsony power with variable effortWalsh, Frank
Dec-2006Multinational companies, backward linkages and labour demand elasticitiesWalsh, FrankGörg, HolgerHenry, MichaelStrobl, Eric
Apr-1999A multisector model of efficiency wagesWalsh, Frank
Jan-1995A multisector model of efficiency wagesWalsh, Frank
Dec-2009The Re-Building Effect of Hurricanes: Evidence from Employment in the US Construction IndustryStrobl, EricWalsh, Frank
May-1989The real wage gap in Ireland and its development over time : the Irish experience 1960-1987Walsh, Patrick P.Walsh, FrankWoelger, Ernestine
1989The real wage gap in Ireland and its development over time : the Irish experience 1960-1987Walsh, FrankWalsh, Patrick P.Woelger, Ernestine
2009Recent Trends in Trade Union Membership in IrelandWalsh, FrankStrobl, Eric
30-Apr-2011Report of Independent Review of Employment Regulation Orders and Registered Employment Agreement Wage Setting MechanismsDuffy, KevinWalsh, Frank
12-Jul-2018Trade Union density in Ireland since 2003: what do the statistics tell us?Walsh, Frank
19-Feb-2015Union membership in Ireland since 2003Walsh, Frank
Jun-2013The Union Wage Effect and Ability Bias: Evidence from IrelandWalsh, Frank