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20072D distinct element modeling of the structure and growth of normal faults in multilayer sequences : 2. Impact of confining pressure and strength contrast on fault zone growth and geometrySchöpfer, Martin P. J.Childs, ConradWalsh, John J.
20072D distinct element modeling of the structure and growth of normal faults in multilayer sequences : 1. Model calibration, boundary conditions, and selected resultsSchöpfer, Martin P. J.Childs, ConradWalsh, John J.
1-Feb-20193-D Modeling of the Lisheen and Silvermines Deposits, County Tipperary, Ireland: Insights into Structural Controls on the Formation of Irish Zn-Pb DepositsKyne, RoisinTorremans, KoenGüven, JohnDoyle, RobertWalsh, John J.
Jun-2009Calibrating fault seal using a hydrocarbon migration model of the Oseberg Syd area, Viking GrabenChilds, ConradSylta, OyvindMoriya, S.Morewood, NigelManzocchi, TomWalsh, John J.Hermanssen, D.
1-Nov-2018Controls on Metal Distributions at the Lisheen and Silvermines Deposits: Insights into Fluid Flow Pathways in Irish-Type Zn-Pb DepositsTorremans, KoenKyne, RoisinDoyle, RobertGüven, JohnWalsh, John J.
2007Definition of a fault permeability predictor from outcrop studies of a faulted turbidite sequence, Taranaki, New ZealandChilds, ConradWalsh, John J.Manzocchi, TomStrand, JulianNicol, AndrewTomasso, MarkSchöpfer, Martin P. J.Aplin, Andrew C.
Oct-2009Earthquake histories and Holocene acceleration of fault displacement ratesNicol, AndrewWalsh, John J.Mouslopoulou, VasilikiVillamor, Pilar
25-Feb-2009Fault displacement rates on a range of timescalesMouslopoulou, VasilikiWalsh, John J.Nicol, Andrew
Feb-2007Geometric and kinematic controls on the internal structure of a large normal fault in massive limestones : the Maghlaq Fault, MaltaBonson, Chris G.Childs, ConradWalsh, John J.Schöpfer, Martin P. J.Carboni, Vincent
Feb-2007Geometrical analysis of the refraction and segmentation of normal faults in periodically layered sequencesSchöpfer, Martin P. J.Childs, ConradWalsh, John J.Manzocchi, TomKoyi, Hemin A.
Feb-2009The impact of porosity and crack density on the elasticity, strength and friction of cohesive granular materials : insights from DEM modellingSchöpfer, Martin P. J.Abe, SteffenChilds, ConradWalsh, John J.
May-2006Localisation of normal faults in multilayer sequencesSchöpfer, Martin P. J.Childs, ConradWalsh, John J.
1-Jan-2019The origin and nature of hydraulic fractures and veins within the Burren, County Clare, IrelandWalsh, John J.Moore, John PaulBunce, ColinHollis, Steven P.Kelly, J. (John)Menuge, JF
Apr-2011Reconciliation of contrasting theories for fracture spacing in layered rocksSchöpfer, Martin P. J.Arslan, ArzuWalsh, John J.Childs, Conrad
2007Static and dynamic connectivity in bed-scale models of faulted and unfaulted turbiditesManzocchi, TomWalsh, John J.Tomasso, MarkStrand, JulianChilds, ConradHaughton, Peter D. W.
Oct-2020Structural evolution and the partitioning of deformation during basin growth and inversion: A case study from the Mizen Basin Celtic Sea, offshore IrelandRodríguez-Salgado, PabloChilds, ConradShannon, Patrick M.Walsh, John J.