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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2009Earthquake histories and Holocene acceleration of fault displacement ratesNicol, AndrewWalsh, John J.Mouslopoulou, VasilikiVillamor, Pilar
25-Feb-2009Fault displacement rates on a range of timescalesMouslopoulou, VasilikiWalsh, John J.Nicol, Andrew
Feb-2007Geometric and kinematic controls on the internal structure of a large normal fault in massive limestones : the Maghlaq Fault, MaltaBonson, Chris G.Childs, ConradWalsh, John J.Schöpfer, Martin P. J.Carboni, Vincent
Feb-2007Geometrical analysis of the refraction and segmentation of normal faults in periodically layered sequencesSchöpfer, Martin P. J.Childs, ConradWalsh, John J.Manzocchi, TomKoyi, Hemin A.
Feb-2009The impact of porosity and crack density on the elasticity, strength and friction of cohesive granular materials : insights from DEM modellingSchöpfer, Martin P. J.Abe, SteffenChilds, ConradWalsh, John J.
May-2006Localisation of normal faults in multilayer sequencesSchöpfer, Martin P. J.Childs, ConradWalsh, John J.
Apr-2011Reconciliation of contrasting theories for fracture spacing in layered rocksSchöpfer, Martin P. J.Arslan, ArzuWalsh, John J.Childs, Conrad
2007Static and dynamic connectivity in bed-scale models of faulted and unfaulted turbiditesManzocchi, TomWalsh, John J.Tomasso, MarkStrand, JulianChilds, ConradHaughton, Peter D. W.