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18-Dec-2015An Adaptive and VANETs-based Next Road Re-routing System for Unexpected Urban Traffic Congestion AvoidanceWang, ShenDjahel, SoufieneMcManis, Jennifer
27-Sep-2018Advanced Flight Efficiency Key Performance Indicators to support Air Traffic Analytics: Assessment of European flight efficiency using ADS-B dataLópez-Leonés, JavierPolaina Morales, ManuelD'Alto, LuisMacNamee, BrianWang, ShenGrover, Adityaet al.
31-Oct-2013Comprehensive performance analysis and comparison of vehicles routing algorithms in smart citiesWang, ShenDjahel, SoufieneMcManis, JenniferMcKenna, CormacMurphy, Liam, B.E.
16-Dec-2015EDAS– Energy-Efficient Device-based Adaptive Cross-Layer Scheme for Wireless Multimedia TransmissionWang, ShenVenkataraman, HrishikeshMuntean, Gabriel-Miro
17-Sep-2017Evaluating Citywide Bus Service Reliability Using Noisy GPS DataWang, ShenMacNamee, Brian
Oct-2014A Multi-Agent based vehicles re-routing system for unexpected traffic congestion avoidanceWang, ShenDjahel, SoufieneMcManis, Jennifer
Oct-2016Next Road Rerouting: A Multiagent System for Mitigating Unexpected Urban Traffic CongestionWang, ShenDjahel, SoufieneZhang, ZonghuaMcManis, Jennifer
28-Oct-2015Reducing emergency services response time in smart cities: An advanced adaptive and fuzzy approachDjahel, SoufieneSmith, NicolasWang, ShenMurphy, John
28-Jun-2018ROGER: An On-Line Flight Efficiency Monitoring System using ADS-B DataWang, ShenGrover, AdityaMacNamee, BrianPlantholt, PhilipLópez-Leonés, JavierSánchez-Escalonilla, Pablo
19-May-2022A Survey on the Convergence of Edge Computing and AI for UAVs: Opportunities and ChallengesMcEnroe, PatrickWang, ShenLiyanage, Madhusanka