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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2003Can rational expectations sticky-price models explain inflation dynamicsRudd, JeremyWhelan, Karl
Mar-2006Can rational expectations sticky-price models explain inflation dynamics?Whelan, KarlRudd, Jeremy
Mar-2014Changes in bank leverage: evidence from US bank holding companiesO'Brien, Martin D.Whelan, Karl
5-Jan-2000Computers, obsolescence, and productivityWhelan, Karl
Aug-2002Computers, obsolescence, and productivityWhelan, Karl
Jan-2001Computing technologies and U.S. economic growthWhelan, Karl
Jul-2006Conditional convergence revisited : taking Solow very seriouslyWhelan, KarlMcQuinn, Kieran
May-2006Consumption and expected asset returns without assumptions about unobservablesWhelan, Karl
Nov-2009Containing systemic riskWhelan, Karl
Nov-2009Containing systemic riskWhelan, Karl
Apr-2005Does labor's share drive inflation?Rudd, JeremyWhelan, Karl
Jun-2002Does the labour share of income drive inflation?Rudd, JeremyWhelan, Karl
Oct-2009The ECB’s role in financial supervisionWhelan, Karl
1999Economic geography and the long-run effects of the Great Irish FamineWhelan, Karl
Feb-2012ELA, promissory notes and all that : the fiscal costs of Anglo Irish BankWhelan, Karl
Aug-2003Embodiment, productivity, and the age distribution of capitalWhelan, Karl
2006Empirical proxies for the consumption–wealth ratioRudd, JeremyWhelan, Karl
Dec-2010EU Economic Governance: Less Might Work Better Than MoreWhelan, Karl
Jun-2019The Euro at 20: Successes, Problems, Progress and ThreatsWhelan, Karl
25-Mar-2015Europe's Long-Term Growth Prospects: With and Without Structural ReformsMcQuinn, KieranWhelan, Karl