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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2009Policy lessons from Ireland’s latest depressionWhelan, Karl
Nov-2006Prospects for growth in the Euro areaMcQuinn, KieranWhelan, Karl
Jan-2019Quantitative Easing and the Hot Potato Effect: Evidence from Euro Area BanksRyan, EllenWhelan, Karl
Dec-1999Real wage dynamics and the Phillips CurveWhelan, Karl
1991Ricardian equivalence and the Irish consumption function : the evidence re-examinedWhelan, Karl
Feb-2007Solow (1956) as a model of cross-country growth dynamicsWhelan, KarlMcQuinn, Kieran
2002Some new economy lessons for macroeconomistsWhelan, Karl
Jul-2013Sovereign Default and the EuroWhelan, Karl
Feb-2007Staggered contracts and inflation persistence : some general resultsWhelan, Karl
Oct-2004Staggered price contracts and inflation persistence : some general resultsWhelan, Karl
Jul-2013Supply, Demand and Prices in the US Housing MarketConefrey, ThomasWhelan, Karl
Nov-2012TARGET2 and Central Bank Balance SheetsWhelan, Karl
4-May-1999Tax incentives, material inputs, and the supply curve for capital equipmentWhelan, Karl
Oct-2004Technology shocks and hours worked : checking for robust conclusionsWhelan, Karl
Dec-2005Testing parameter stability : a wild bootstrap approachWhelan, Karl
Aug-2003A two-sector approach to modeling U.S. NIPA dataWhelan, Karl
May-2007Understanding the dynamics of labor shares and inflationWhelan, KarlLawless, Martina
Oct-1997Unemployment and the durational structure of exit ratesWhelan, Karl
14-Oct-1997Wage Curve vs. Phillips Curve : are there macroeconomic implications?Whelan, Karl
Jun-2005Wealth and asset price effects on economic activityWhelan, KarlAltissimo, FilippoGeorgiou, EvaggeliaSastre, TeresaValderrama, Maria TeresaSterne, GabrielStocker, MarcWeth, MarkWillman, Alpo