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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2018A Case of Opioid Overdose and Subsequent Death After Medically Supervised Withdrawal: The Problematic Role of Rapid Tapers for Opioid Use DisorderChang, DerekKlimas, JanWood, EvanFairbairn, Nadia
21-Sep-2018Diagnosing opioid addiction in people with chronic painGorfinkel, LaurenVoon, PaulineWood, EvanKlimas, Jan
Jan-2017How Can We Investigate the Role of Topiramate in the Treatment of Cocaine Use Disorder More Thoroughly?Klimas, JanWood, EvanWerb, Dan
Apr-2016The Impact of Enrolment in Methadone Maintenance Therapy on Initiation of Heavy Drinking among People who Use HeroinKlimas, JanWood, EvanNguyen, Paulet al.
30-Nov-2017Medication-assisted treatment for youth with opioid use disorder: Current dilemmas and remaining questionsChang, DerekKlimas, JanWood, EvanFairbairn, Nadia
2016A needs assessment of the number of comprehensive addiction care physicians required in a Canadian settingMcEachern, JasmineAhamad, KeithNolan, SeonaidMead, AnnabelWood, EvanKlimas, Jan
Jul-2017Nursing Fellowship in Addiction Medicine: A Novel Program in a Canadian SettingVoon, PaulineJohnson, CheyenneSmall, WillWood, EvanKlimas, Jan
1-Jun-2018Prescription opioids, opioid use disorder, and overdose crisis in Canada: Current dilemmas and remaining questionsGorfinkel, LaurenWood, EvanKlimas, Jan
Jun-2017Prevalence of Heavy Alcohol Use Among People Receiving Methadone Following Change to MethadoseKlimas, JanWood, EvanNosova, Ekaterinaet al.