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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2014In vitro study of the interaction of heregulin-functionalized magnetic-optical nanorods with MCF7 and MDA-MB- 231 cellsLesniak, AnnaKilinc, DevrimRashdan, Suad AhmedKriegsheim, Alexander vonAshall, B.Zerulla, DominicKolch, WalterLee, Gil U.
2-Aug-2009The influence of light intensity, active area and excitation wavelength on the temporal response of a dye sensitized solar cellO'Reilly, ThomasAndrei, CodrinO'Reilly, JenniferZerulla, Dominic
13-Apr-2010Investigating dye-sensitised solar cellsTobin, Laura L.O'Reilly, ThomasZerulla, DominicSheridan, John T.
7-Jun-2013Nanoscale infrared absorption imaging permits non-destructive intracellular photosensitizer localization for subcellular uptake analysisKennedy, EamonnAl-Majmaie, RasoulAl-Rubeai, MohamedZerulla, DominicRice, James H.
25-Sep-2019PEAR - Plasmonic Electronically Addressable super-Resolution: Accelerating the in-depth understanding of biomedical processes at the nanoscale via a novel real-time, optical limit-breaking imaging technologyGordon, John DavidO'Toole, SilasK├╝hne, Irina AlexandraScholz, DimitriZerulla, Dominic
Jan-2015Quantifying nanoscale biochemical heterogeneity in human epithelial cancer cells using combined AFM and PTIR absorption nanoimagingKennedy, EamonnAl-Majmaie, RasoulAl-Rubeai, MohamedZerulla, DominicRice, James H.
2010A spatially resolved study on the Sn diffusion during the sintering process in the active layer of dye sensitised solar cellsAndrei, CodrinO'Reilly, ThomasZerulla, Dominic
26-Jul-2018Surface Plasmon Resonance Induced Photothermal Lysis of the CellGordon, John DavidZerulla, Dominic
26-Jul-2018Towards a Tuneable Thermal Conductivity Material via Low Voltage Ordering of CNT NetworksZerulla, DominicGordon, John David