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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2021Data-Clustering-Assisted Digital Predistortion for 5G Millimeter-Wave Beamforming Transmitters With Multiple Dynamic ConfigurationsYin, HangYu, ZhiqiangYu, ChaoZhu, Andinget al.
14-Jan-2015Decomposed Vector Rotation-Based Behavioral Modeling for Digital Predistortion of RF Power AmplifiersZhu, Anding
30-Sep-2021Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Band Switch in Cellular-Connected UAVFontanesi, GianlucaZhu, AndingAhmadi, Hamed
7-Mar-2019Design Considerations of the Interpolative Digital Transmitter for Quantization Noise and Replicas RejectionUn, Ka-FaiZhang, FeifeiMak, Pui-InMartins, Rui P.Zhu, AndingStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
26-May-2021Design of Broadband Continuous Mode MMIC Power Amplifiers With Bandwidth ImprovementXu, Y. (Yang)Wang, XiaoyuZhu, Anding
11-Nov-2015Digital Compensation for Transmitter Leakage in Non-Contiguous Carrier Aggregation Applications With FPGA ImplementationYu, ChaoCao, WenhuiGuo, YanZhu, Anding
19-Jun-2014Digital linear pre-compensation technique to enhance predistortion performance in multicarrier DVB-S2 satellite communication systemsAllegue-Martínez, MichelKelly, NoelZhu, Anding
12-Nov-2018Digital Suppression of Transmitter Leakage in FDD RF Transceivers With an Enhanced Low-Sampling Rate Behavioral ModelCao, WenhuiLi, YueLuo, Guo QingHao, Zhang ChengZhu, Anding
7-Dec-2017Digital Suppression of Transmitter Leakage in FDD RF Transceivers: Aliasing Elimination and Model SelectionCao, WenhuiLi, YueZhu, Anding
Nov-2011Digitally-Assisted Dual-Switch High Efficiency Envelope Amplifier for Envelope Tracking Base-Station Power AmplifiersHsia, ChinZhu, AndingYan, Jonmei al.
18-Feb-2022Dual-Band Three-Way Doherty Power Amplifier Employing Dual-Mode Gate Bias and Load Compensation NetworkGao, RuibinPang, JingzhouCai, TianfuZhu, Andinget al.
Sep-2011Dual-loop Model Extraction for Digital Predistortion of Wideband RF Power AmplifiersGuan, LeiZhu, Anding
12-Feb-2021Enhancing Bandwidth and Back-Off Range of Doherty Power Amplifier With Modified Load Modulation NetworkXu, Y. (Yang)Pang, JingzhouWang, XiaoyuZhu, Anding
6-Aug-2020Extend High Efficiency Range of Doherty Power Amplifier by Modifying Characteristic Impedance of Transmission Lines in Load Modulation NetworkPang, JingzhouLi, YueChu, ChenhaoPeng, JunZhou, Xin YuZhu, Anding
18-Jan-2017Forward modeling assisted 1-Bit data acquisition based model extraction for digital predistortion of RF power amplifiersWang, HaoyuLi, GangZhang, YikangLiu, FalinZhu, Anding
Jan-2021A Fully Integrated GaN Dual-Channel Power Amplifier With Crosstalk Suppression for 5G Massive MIMO TransmittersNikandish, GholamrezaStaszewski, Robert BogdanZhu, Anding
31-Jul-2020A Fully Integrated Reconfigurable Multi-Mode Class-F2,3 GaN Power AmplifierNikandish, GholamrezaStaszewski, Robert BogdanZhu, Anding
2011Gaussian Pulse-Based Two-Threshold Parallel Scaling Tone Reservation for PAPR Reduction of OFDM SignalsGuan, LeiZhu, Anding
12-Nov-2014Green Communications: Digital Predistortion for Wideband RF Power AmplifiersGuan, LeiZhu, Anding
Apr-2013High-performance digital predistortion test platform development for wideband RF power amplifiersGuan, LeiKearney, RayYu, ChaoZhu, Anding