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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Dec-2018Hardware-in-the-Loop Validation of the Frequency Divider FormulaOrtega, AlvaroMusa, AysarMonti, AntonelloMilano, Federico
Sep-2020Impact of Current Transients on the Synchronization Stability Assessment of Grid-Feeding ConvertersChen, JunruLiu, MuyangO'Donnell, TerenceMilano, Federico
18-Jan-2018Impact of frequency estimation for VSC-based devices with primary frequency controlOrtega, AlvaroMilano, Federico
17-Apr-2017Model Predictive Control-Based AGC for Multi-Terminal HVDC-Connected AC gridsMcNamara, PaulMilano, Federico
13-Jun-2018Model-Agnostic Linear Estimation of Generator Rotor Speeds based on Phasor Measurement UnitsMilano, FedericoOrtega, AlvaroConejo, Antonio J.
24-Aug-2016Modeling, Simulation, and Comparison of Control Techniques for Energy Storage SystemsOrtega, AlvaroMilano, Federico
20-Aug-2018Modelling, Simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop Validation of Virtual Synchronous Generator Control in Low Inertia Power SystemChen, JunruLiu, MuyangO'Loughlin, CathalMilano, FedericoO'Donnell, Terence
20-Jul-2017MPC based AGC for AC/DC grids with delays and voltage constraintsMcNamara, PaulMilano, Federico
May-2018Nonlinear Adaptive Excitation Control for Structure Preserving Power SystemsWan, YongMilano, Federico
20-Jul-2017On the Impact of Microgrid Energy Management Systems on Power System DynamicsFerraro, PietroCrisostomi, EmanueleRaugi, MarcoMilano, Federico
24-Sep-2018On the Stability Analysis of Systems of Neutral Delay Differential EquationsLiu, MuyangDassios, Ioannis K.Milano, Federico
27-Jun-2019Placement of Virtual Synchronous Generator Controlled Electric Storage combined with Renewable GenerationChen, JunruLiu, MuyangMilano, FedericoO'Donnell, Terence
7-Mar-2017Primal and Dual Generalized Eigenvalue Problems for Power Systems Small-Signal Stability AnalysisMilano, FedericoDassios, Ioannis K.
Jul-2018Robust Frequency Divider for Power System Online Monitoring and ControlZhao, JunboMili, LamineMilano, Federico
8-Sep-2017Rotor Speed-Free Estimation of the Frequency of the Center of InertiaMilano, Federico
Jan-2019SimApi, a smartgrid co-simulation software platform for benchmarking building control algorithmsPallonetto, FabianoMangina, EleniMilano, FedericoFinn, Donal
30-Jan-2018Simplified Model to Study the Induction Generator Effect of the Subsynchronous Resonance PhenomenonBizzarri, FedericoBrambilla, AngeloMilano, Federico
11-Jul-2016Small-Signal Stability Analysis for Non-Index 1 Hessenberg Form Systems of Delay Differential-Algebraic EquationsMilano, FedericoDassios, Ioannis K.
1-Nov-2017Small-signal stability analysis of neutral delay differential equationsLiu, MuyangDassios, Ioannis K.Milano, Federico
23-Oct-2018Smart Transformer for the Provision of Coordinated Voltage and Frequency Support in the GridChen, JunruZhu, RongwuLiu, MuyangMilano, FedericoO'Donnell, Terenceet al.