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15-Nov-2018Application of Box-Behnken experimental design for the formulation and optimisation of selenomethionine-loaded chitosan nanoparticles coated with zein for oral deliveryVozza, GiulianaDanish, Minna K.Byrne, Hugh J.Frías, Jesús M.Ryan, Sinéad M.
Dec-2017Comparative study of the structural and physicochemical properties of two food derived antihypertensive tri-peptides, Isoleucine-Proline-Proline and Leucine-Lysine-Proline encapsulated into a chitosan based nanoparticle systemDanish, Minna K.Vozza, GiulianaByrne, Hugh J.Frías, Jesús M.Ryan, Sinéad M.
Sep-2017Formulation, Characterization and Stability Assessment of a Food‐Derived Tripeptide, Leucine‐Lysine‐Proline Loaded Chitosan NanoparticlesDanish, Minna K.Vozza, GiulianaByrne, Hugh J.Frías, Jesús M.Ryan, Sinéad M.
20-Aug-2018An investigation into the feasibility of an adaptive coaching smartphone application used in conjunction with a novel exercise programme in sedentary individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitusByrne, Hugh J.Caulfield, BrianLowery, Madeleine M.De Vito, Giuseppe
Jun-2019Nutraceutical formulation, characterisation, and in-vitro evaluation of methylselenocysteine and selenocystine using food derived chitosan: zein nanoparticlesVozza, GiulianaKhalid, MinnaByrne, Hugh J.Ryan, Sinéad M.Frías, Jesús M.