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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Aug-2019ALMA Polarimetric Studies of Rotating Jet/Disk SystemsBacciotti, FrancescaGirart, Josep MiquelPadovani, MarcoCoffey, Deirdreet al.
Nov-2018A chemical survey of exoplanets with ARIELTinetti, GiovannaDrossart, PierreEccleston, PaulCoffey, Deirdreet al.
22-Jun-2018The circumstellar environment of HD 50138 revealed by VLTI/AMBER at high angular resolutionKoutoulaki, Maria-KalliopiGarcia Lopez, R.Natta, A.Coffey, Deirdreet al.
9-Jun-2017A combined MUSE/X-Shooter study of the TH28 jetMurphy, AislingWhelan, E.Bacciotti, FrancescaCoffey, Deirdreet al.
1-Aug-2018EduCube: The 1U Educational CubeSatMurphy, DavidLynn, DavidMcBreen, SheilaMartin-Carrillo, AntonioCoffey, DeirdreJeffrey, RobertVagg, DanielHanlon, Lorraine
1-Jul-2011The Enigma of Jets and Outows from Young StarsCoffey, Deirdre
May-2004The evolution and simulation of the outburst from XZ tauri - A possible EXor?Coffey, DeirdreDownes, T. P.Ray, Thomas P.
8-May-2019Exploring the dimming event of RW Aurigae A through multi-epoch VLT/X-shooter spectroscopyKoutoulaki, Maria-KalliopiFacchini, S.Manara, C. F.Fedriani, RubenCoffey, Deirdreet al.
1-Jul-2007Further indications of jet rotation in new ultraviolet and optical Hubble Space Telescope STIS spectraCoffey, DeirdreBacciotti, FrancescaRay, Thomas P.Eislöffel, JochenWoitas, Jens
2-Aug-2019GIARPS/GRAVITY Survey: Broad-Band 0.44–2.4 Micron High-Resolution Spectra of T-Tauri and Herbig AeBe Stars – Combining High Spatial and High Spectral Resolution Data to Unveil the Inner Disc PhysicsMassi, F.Caratti o Garatti, AlessioGarcia Lopez, R.Coffey, Deirdreet al.
10-Aug-2010Hydrogen permitted lines in the first near-ir spectra of th 28 microjet: Accretion or ejection tracers?Coffey, DeirdreBacciotti, FrancescaPodio, LindaNisini, B.
20-Apr-2012Jet rotation investigated in the near-ultraviolet with the Hubble Space Telescope imaging spectrographCoffey, DeirdreRigliaco, ElisabettaBacciotti, FrancescaRay, Thomas P.Eislöffel, Jochen
22-Feb-2005Jet rotation: Launching region, angular momentum balance and magnetic properties in the bipolar outflow from RW AurWoitas, JensBacciotti, FrancescaRay, Thomas P.Marconi, A.Coffey, DeirdreEislöffel, Jochen
9-Aug-2019Measuring the ionisation fraction in a jet from a massive protostarFedriani, RubenCaratti o Garatti, AlessioPurser, S. J. D.Coffey, Deirdreet al.
21-Jan-2020Mirror, mirror on the outflow cavity wall: Near-infrared CO overtone disc emission of the high-mass YSO IRAS 11101-5829Fedriani, RubenCaratti o Garatti, AlessioKoutoulaki, Maria-KalliopiGarcia Lopez, R.Coffey, Deirdreet al.
1-Jan-2017The near-UV: The true window on jet rotationCoffey, DeirdreBacciotti, FrancescaPodio, LindaErkal, Jessica
8-Mar-2019Organic molecules in the protoplanetary disk of DG Tauri revealed by ALMAPodio, LindaBacciotti, FrancescaFedele, D.Coffey, Deirdre
28-Aug-2018Parsec-scale jets driven by high-mass young stellar objects: Connecting the au- and the parsec-scale jet in IRAS 13481-6124Fedriani, RubenCaratti o Garatti, AlessioCoffey, Deirdreet al.
May-2014Physical properties of the jet from DG Tauri on sub-arcsecond scales with HST/STISMaurri, L.Bacciotti, FrancescaPodio, LindaCoffey, Deirdre
1-Apr-2004Rotation of jets from young stars: New clues from the Hubble Space Telescope Imaging SpectrographCoffey, DeirdreBacciotti, FrancescaWoitas, JensRay, Thomas P.Eislöffel, Jochen