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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980Home, Reach, and the Sense of PlaceButtimer, Anne
1984Ideal und Wirklichkeit in der Angewandten GeographieButtimer, Anne
1979'Insiders', 'Outsiders', and the Geography of Regional LifeButtimer, Anne
1986Integration in geography: Hydra or Chimera?Buttimer, Anne
1980Introduction/ Social Space and the Planning of Residential AreasButtimer, Anne
1980Invitation to Dialogue - A Progress ReportButtimer, AnneHägerstrand, Torsten
1-Jan-1986Kreativitet och miljöButtimer, Anne
1979Le temps, l'espace et le monde vécuButtimer, Anne
1986Life experience as catalyst for disciplinary communication - Adventures in Dialogue 1977-1985Buttimer, Anne
12-Jan-1990Mirrors, masks and diverse milieuxButtimer, Anne
1985Nature, water symbols, and the human quest for wholenessButtimer, Anne
1986O espaço social numa perspectiva interdisciplinarButtimer, Anne
1978On People, Paradigms, and 'Progress' in GeographyButtimer, Anne
15-Jan-1984Perception in Four Keys: A CommentaryButtimer, Anne
1982Raison, rationalité et créativité humaineButtimer, Anne
1974Rationality and Beyond: Values and the Geographer's Dream for TomorrowButtimer, Anne
Dec-1981Rationality, Reason and RegionalizationButtimer, Anne
1981Refections on LundagårdButtimer, Anne
1991Reply: Beyond Optimism and Pessimism, Praise and BlameButtimer, Anne
1974Residential Areas: Planning Perceptions and PreferencesButtimer, Anne