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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Adventure Playgrounds: an introductionShier, Harry
2019An Analytical Tool to Help Researchers Develop Partnerships with Children and AdolescentsShier, Harry
31-Aug-2020Approaches to Youth Participation in Youth and Community Work Practice: a Critical DialogueCorney, TimWilliamson, HowardHoldsworth, RogerShier, Harryet al.
1995Article 31 Action Pack Children's Rights and Children's Play : Resources for Action to Implement Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the ChildShier, HarryHart, RogerPLAY-TRAIN
2016A change of Rhythm, Nicaraguan Style, in children and young people's participation: A simplified interpretation of the new international framework "A toolkit for monitoring and evaluating children’s participation" informed by the experience of the Nicaraguan pilot project 2011-2013Shier, Harry
1-Jun-2015Children as researchers in Nicaragua: Children’s consultancy to transformative researchShier, Harry
12-Dec-2016Children's Education Rights, Global PerspectivesLundy, LauraOrr, KarenShier, Harry
2014Children's rights and social justice: Case studies from Nicaragua as a resource for students and teachersShier, HarryCentre for Education in Health and Environment (CESESMA)
Jul-2016Children's Rights in School: The perception of children in NicaraguaShier, Harry
2013Claiming the right to quality education in NicaraguaShier, HarryPadilla, Martha LidiaMolina Torres, NohemíBarrera López, LeonildaMolina Torres, MoisésCastillo, ZoraydaOrtiz Alvarado, Karen Alicia
Jan-2019Empowerment of Children and Adolescents: What is it, how does it occur, and what is the adult supporter’s role?Shier, Harry
2010Incidencia de niños, niñas y adolescentes como ciudadanos/as activos/as en NicaraguaShier, HarryHernandez Mendez, MarisolCenteno, MeyslinArroliga, IngridGonzalez, MayraGonzalez, Meyling
2010IPA Global Consultations on Children’s Right to Play ReportShier, Harry
10-Sep-2009Pathways to Participation Revisited: Learning from Nicaragua's Child Coffee WorkersShier, Harry
Apr-2001Pathways to participation: openings, opportunities and obligationsShier, Harry
Nov-2008Retomando los caminos hacia la participación: Aprendiendo de los niños, niñas y adolescentes trabajadores del café de NicaraguaShier, Harry
29-May-2019Student Voice and Children’s Rights: Power, Empowerment, and “Protagonismo”Shier, Harry
24-Nov-2018Towards a New Improved Pedagogy of "Children’s Rights and Responsibilities"Shier, Harry
Oct-2012What does 'equality' mean for children in relation to adults? Addressing Inequalities: The Heart of the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Future We Want for All. Global Thematic ConsultationShier, Harry
Dec-2019Where are the silences? A scoping review of child participatory research literature in the context of the Australian service systemGrace, RebekahKnight, JennyBaird, KellyShier, Harryet al.