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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Detecting weak and strong Islamophobic hate speech on social mediaVidgen, BertieYasseri, Taha
15-Jul-2019Emergence of world-stock-market networkSaeedian, M.Jamali, T.Kamali, M. Z.Bayani, H.Yasseri, Tahaet al.
2020Fooling with Facts: Quantifying Anchoring Bias through a Large-scale Online ExperimentYasseri, TahaReher, Jannie
15-Dec-2021Football is becoming more predictable; network analysis of 88 thousand matches in 11 major leaguesMaimone, Victor MartinsYasseri, Taha
4-Jun-2021Gender Imbalance and Spatiotemporal Patterns of Contributions to Citizen Science Projects: The Case of ZooniverseIbrahim, KhairunnisaKhodursky, SamuelYasseri, Taha
6-Apr-2021The Kaleidoscope of Privacy: Differences across French, German, UK, and US GDPR Media DiscourseSanford, MaryYasseri, Taha
13-Sep-2020Positive algorithmic bias cannot stop fragmentation in homophilic networksBlex, ChrisYasseri, Taha
22-Apr-2021Selling sex: what determines rates and popularity? An analysis of 11,500 online profilesMergenthaler, AliciaYasseri, Taha
May-2020Social complex contagion in music listenership: A natural experiment with 1.3 million participantsTernovski, JohnYasseri, Taha
6-Jan-2021What drives passion? An empirical examination on the impact of personality trait interactions and job environments on work passionKreil, AnnikaTumasjan, AndranikYasseri, TahaWelpe, Isabell
11-Jul-2020What, when and where of petitions submitted to the UK government during a time of chaosVidgen, BertieYasseri, Taha