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10-Jan-2015Adaptive GC-aware load balancing strategy for high-assurance Java distributed systemsPortillo Dominguez, Andres OmarWang, MiaoMurphy, JohnMagoni, Damien
29-Jan-2015BulkWithdraw: A DSpace utility to withdraw and reinstate a list of itemsGreene, Joseph
5-Mar-2016An Effective Approach to Enhancing Compiler Error MessagesBecker, Brett A.
19-Sep-2016Effective compiler error message enhancement for novice programming studentsBecker, Brett A.Glanville, GrahamIwashima, RicardoMooney, Catherineet al.
27-Oct-2017Improving the Testing of Clustered Systems Through the Effective Usage of Java BenchmarksPortillo Dominguez, Andres OmarAyala-Rivera, Vanessa
26-Oct-2018Improving the Testing of Java Garbage Collection Through an Efficient Benchmark GenerationPortillo-Dominguez, A. OmarAyala-Rivera, Vanessa
27-Jun-2014Load balancing of Java applications by forecasting garbage collectionsPortillo Dominguez, Andres OmarWang, MiaoMagoni, DamienPerry, PhilipMurphy, John
13-Jul-2016A New Metric to Quantify Repeated Compiler Errors for Novice ProgrammersBecker, Brett A.
2016Performance optimisation of clustered java systemsPortillo Dominguez, Andres Omar
Apr-2011Rapid Functional Modelling and Simulation of Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Array ArchitecturesPatel, KunjanMcGettrick, SéamasBleakley, Chris J.
13-Apr-2018Towards an Efficient Benchmark Generation Engine for Garbage CollectionPortillo-Dominguez, A. Omar
Dec-2016TRINI: an adaptive load balancing strategy based on garbage collection for clustered Java systemsPortillo Dominguez, Andres OmarPerry, PhilipMagoni, DamienWang, MiaoMurphy, John