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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2010The Influence of Statistical Spatial Repeatabiliy on Remaining Pavement LifeO'Brien, Eugene J.Taheri, A.
17-Apr-2014Long life bridgesO'Brien, Eugene J.Tucker, M.O'Connor, Alan
7-Sep-2012Long Life BridgesO'Brien, Eugene J.O'Connor, AlanTucker, M.
2-Jul-2014Maximum total load effects in vehicle-bridge dynamic interaction problems for simply supported structuresCantero, DanielKaroumi, RaidO'Brien, Eugene J.
2010Modelling the vehicle in vehicle-infrastructure dynamic interaction studiesCantero, DanielO'Brien, Eugene J.González, Arturo
21-May-2016Monitoring the Condition of a Bridge using a Traffic Speed Deflectometer Vehicle Travelling at Highway SpeedO'Brien, Eugene J.Sevillano, EnriqueMartinez, Daniel
7-Sep-2012Non-Intrusive Bridge Scour Analysis Technique using Laboratory Test ApparatusPrendergast, Luke J.Gavin, KennethO'Sullivan, J. J.
Dec-2013The non-stationarity of apparent bridge natural frequencies during vehicle crossing eventsCantero, DanielO'Brien, Eugene J.
Mar-2008Passive and active kinesthetic perception just-noticeable-difference for natural frequency of virtual dynamic systemsLi, YanfangIsrar, AliPatoglu, VolkanO'Malley, Marcia
30-Aug-2018Reduction of uncertainties associated to the dynamic response of a ship unloaderMilana, GiuliaBanisoleiman, KianGonzález, Arturo
Apr-2014A review of bridge scour monitoring techniquesPrendergast, Luke J.Gavin, Kenneth
20-Jul-2017Smartphone based parameter estimates of a dynamic oscillator using high-speed video imaging and incremental discriminating colour learningZeimys, ModestasPakrashi, VikramO'Byrne, Michael
Sep-2007The Use of Ramp Superposition to Analyse the Influence of Road Irregularities on Maximum Beam Stresses due to a Moving LoadCantero, DanielGonzález, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.
Jun-2008The use of vehicle acceleration measurements to estimate road roughnessGonzález, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.Li, YingyanCashell, K.
3-Jul-2009The use of wavelets on the response of a beam to a calibrated vehicle for damage detectionGonzález, ArturoHester, David
1-Jan-2013Using Instrumented Quarter-Cars for 'Drive By' Bridge InspectionO'Brien, Eugene J.Keenahan, Jennifer
Sep-2012Using Instrumented Vehicles to Detect Damage in BridgesO'Brien, Eugene J.Keenahan, JenniferMcGetrick, P.González, Arturo
Apr-2012A wavelet-based damage detection algorithm based on bridge acceleration response to a vehicleHester, DavidGonzález, Arturo