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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2006National territory in European space : reconfiguring the island of IrelandHayward, Katy
23-Oct-2013National unionism and union democracy in crisisErne, Roland
Jul-2019The New Economic Governance in Health Care: A Labour PerspectiveStan, SabinaErne, Roland
19-Jun-2019A new methodology for analysing NEG prescriptions on healthcare. From counting CSRs to mapping semantic fieldsStan, SabinaErne, Roland
10-Dec-2020New philanthropy Country Profiles shine a bright light on an important areaBreen, Oonagh B.
Jun-2004Organised labour - an actor of Euro-democratisation, Euro-technocracy or (re-) nationalisation? Trade-union strategies concerning the European integration processErne, Roland
Nov-2003Politics and markets in the Irish “Celtic Tiger” experience : choice, chance, or coincidence?Hardiman, Niamh
Feb-2018The Pursuit of Justice Through EU Security Strategies: Sisyphus Redux?Tomić, NikolaTonra, Ben
2001Regulation and Governance Reforms for Ireland and the European UnionScott, Colin
Feb-2020Resilience and the EU's Global Strategy: The Potential Promise of JusticeTonra, Ben
Dec-2000Services of General Interest in EC Law: Matching Values to Regulatory Technique in the Public and Privatised SectorsScott, Colin
18-Dec-2020Social Movements or State Apparatus?Erne, Roland
13-Sep-1996Vers une citoyenneté européenne? Mémoire présenté dans le cadre du Cycle D'Etudes franco-allemand préparé à l'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris sous la direction de: M. Dominique ReyniéErne, Roland
2015The Vulnerability of the Northern Ireland Settlement: British Irish Relations, Political Crisis and BrexitTodd, Jennifer
21-Jul-2015Welcome to Ireland: Migrants who crossed Med face flawed direct provision systemThornton, Liam