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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001A Lacanian psychoanalytic interpretation of conflict in Northern IrelandMillar, Adrian
2009Local belonging, identities and sense of place in contemporary IrelandInglis, Tom
Nov-2014Looking at Language, Identity, and Mobility in SurinameCarlin, EithneLéglise, IsabelleMigge, BettinaTjon Sie Fat, Paul
1-Aug-2018‘Melusina after the scream’: Surrealism and the Hybrid Bodies of Leonora Carrington and Remedios VaroPlunkett, Tara
12-Jan-2016Minority language ownership and authority: perspectives of native speakers and new speakersNic Fhlannchadha, SiobhánHickey, Tina
Feb-2007The nature of meaning of identity in Northern Ireland after the Belfast Good Friday AgreementMuldoon, OrlaTrew, Karen J.Todd, JenniferRougier, NathalieMcLaughlin, Katrina
2009No exit? Opting out of religious and ethnic group identities in Northern IrelandTempler, SaraMitchell, ClaireGaniel, Gladys
2009One state or two? Anticipating opportunities for and obstacles to identity shiftTodd, Jennifer
Jan-2015Partitioned identities? Everyday national distinctions in Northern Ireland and the Irish stateTodd, Jennifer
2018'Pirandello's Islands of the Mind: The Isola-ted Self'Fanning, Ursula
2002Pluralist, purified or private : protestant identification and political change in Northern IrelandMitchell, Claire
2009A political profile of Protestant minorities in EuropeCoakley, John
2011A proper place for everything: the character and context of Beaker depositional practice in IrelandCarlin, Neil
2006A puzzle concerning borders and identities: towards a typology of attitudes to the Irish borderTodd, Jennifer
6-Jul-2018Social boundaries of appropriate speech in HCI: A politeness perspectiveClark, Leigh
Aug-2005Social transformation, collective categories and identity changeTodd, Jennifer
12-Feb-2009Trajectories of identity change : explaining the persistence of collective oppositionTodd, Jennifer
2007Trajectories of identity change new perspectives on ethnicity, nationality and identity in IrelandTodd, Jennifer
Jul-2013'Value'ing children differently? Migrant children in educationDevine, Dympna
14-Oct-2019Who Do You Want to Be Like? Factors Influencing Early Adolescents’ Selection of Accessible and Inaccessible Role ModelsStrasser-Burke, NoraSymonds, Jennifer