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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Immigration & Asylum LawCosgrave, CatherineThornton, Liam
16-Oct-2014Immigration (Reform) (Regularisation of Residency Status) Bill 2014Thornton, Liam
24-Jul-2012The impact of a catastrophic storm event on benthic macroinvertebrate communities in upland headwater streams and potential implications for ecological diversity and assessment of ecological statusFeeley, Hugh B.Davis, StephenBruen, MichaelBlacklocke, SeanKelly-Quinn, Mary
23-Feb-2017The impact of removal of the seasonality formula on the eligibility of Irish herds to supply raw milk for processing of dairy productsFenlon, CarolineO'Grady, LukeMcCoy, FinolaHoutsma, ErikMore, Simon John
2005Imperial disintegration and the creation of the Irish border : imperialism and nationalism 1885-1925Anderson, JamesO'Dowd, Liam
2009Implementation issues and the pursuit of a settlement in Northern IrelandCoakley, John
12-Mar-2015Improving Log Loading Efficiency for Improved Sustainable Transport within the Irish Forest and Biomass SectorSosa, AmandaKlvac, RadomirCoates, EndaKent, TomDevlin, Ger
8-Nov-2013In opposition, Shatter was fiercely critical of direct provision for asylum seekers : Opinion: In government, however, he has radically changed his tuneThornton, Liam
1999In Search of the Radio AudienceO'Sullivan, Sara
Dec-2016Independent Ireland In Comparative PerspectiveO'Rourke, Kevin H.
2006Industrial development in Ireland, North and South : case studies of the textile and information technology sectorsBradley, John
15-Dec-2016InequalityLynch, KathleenCantillon, SaraCrean, Margaret
1992Information Technology and Regional Developments: promises and prospects
Oct-2010Innovations in relative and kinship care : a case management model for assessmentO'Brien, Valerie
Feb-2006Inscribed landscapes: contextualising prehistoric rock art in IrelandO'Connor, Blaze
2012Insights into udder health and intramammary antibiotic usage on Irish dairy farms during 2003-2010More, Simon JohnClegg, Tracy A.O'Grady, Luke
29-Aug-2017Inspection of Cycleways with DataCycle - Preliminary ResultsLeonard, NiamhO’Mahony, StephenGhosh, BidishaPakrashi, Vikram
27-Jun-2018Integrated modelling of urban, rural and coastal domains for bathing water quality prediction – Smart Coasts and Acclimatize ProjectsO'Sullivan, JohnBedri, ZeinabCorkery, AislingDeering, LouiseDemeter, KatalinMeijer, WimMasterson, BartholemewO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
Dec-2014International migration in Ireland, 2013O'Connell, Philip J.Joyce, Corona
May-2015International migration in Ireland, 2014O'Connell, Philip J.Joyce, Corona