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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2013Parents' constructions of communication with their children about safer sexHyde, AbbeyDrennan, JonathanButler, MichelleHowlett, Etaoineet al.
31-Aug-2012Parents' constructions of the sexual self-presentation and sexual conduct of adolescents: discourses of gendering and protectingHyde, AbbeyDrennan, JonathanHowlett, EtaoineCarney, MarieButler, MichelleLohan, Maria
Sep-2015Pathways and Outcomes: A Study of 335 Referrals to the Family Welfare Conference (FWC) Service in Dublin, 2011-2013O'Brien, ValerieAlohen, Hannaleena
5-Nov-2015Paying for the Welfare State in the European PeripheryDellepiane, SebastianHardiman, Niamh
Jan-2022Peatland Properties Influencing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and RemovalRenou-Wilson, FlorenceByrne, Kenneth A.Flynn, RaymondPremrov, AlinaRiondato, EmilySaunders, MatthewWalz, KilianWilson, David
1-Jan-2017Pennicks of DelganyForrest, Mary
2007Perceptions of the criminal justice system and its association with well-being following a report of child sexual abuseConnon, GrahamCrooks, AllainCarr, Alanet al.
13-Sep-2013Phosphorus management, changes in soil P status over time and stream P loss in an intensive dairy catchmentMurphy, PaulMelland, AliceMellander, Per-Eriket al.
Oct-2012The place of family group conferencing in child welfare in the Republic of IrelandO'Brien, Valerie
Mar-2014Plantation 1580-1641Ó hAnnracháin, Tadhg
1-Sep-2021The Political Economy of Housing in IrelandNorris, MichelleByrne, M. (Michael)
1-Apr-1999Political Transformations: clientelism and technological changeKomito, Lee
Nov-2003Politics and markets in the Irish “Celtic Tiger” experience : choice, chance, or coincidence?Hardiman, Niamh
Feb-2014The politics of fiscal effort in Ireland and Spain: market credibility versus political legitimacyDellepiane, SebastianHardiman, Niamh
Nov-2013The politics of fiscal effort in Spain and Ireland : Market credibility versus political legitimacyDellepiane, SebastianHardiman, Niamh
1-Sep-2021The Politics of Regulation in IrelandScott, Colin
27-Apr-2012The Politics of Tough Budgets – Fiscal Responses to Crisis in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and GreeceHardiman, Niamh
22-Mar-2012The Politics of Tough Budgets: The Eurozone Periphery 2008-2011Dellepiane, SebastianHardiman, Niamh
2002The politics of women's representation in Northern Ireland and the Republic of IrelandGalligan, Yvonne
Dec-2018Population and Poverty in Ireland on the Eve of the Great FamineFernihough, AlanÓ Gráda, Cormac