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26-Jul-20193D-Printed Peptide-Hydrogel Nanoparticle Composites for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy SensingAlmohammed, SawsanAlruwaili, MahaReynaud, Emmanuel G.Redmond, GarethRice, James H.Rodriguez, Brian J.
Dec-2014Application of AAO matrix in aligned gold nanorod array substrates for surface-Enhanced fluorescence and Raman scatteringDamm, SigneLordan, FrancesMurphy, AntonyRice, James al.
2022Design of dielectric-based platforms for Raman and fluorescence-based chemical detectionFularz, Agata
Dec-2013The Effect of Ag Nanoparticles on Surface-Enhanced Luminescence from Au Nanovoid ArraysLordan, FrancesDamm, SigneKennedy, EamonnMallon, C.Forster, Robert J.Keyes, Tia E.Rice, James H.
Feb-2010Excited state localization and internuclear interactions in asymmetric Ruthenium (II) and Osmium (II) bpy/tpy based dinuclear compoundsHalpin, YvonneDini, DaniloAhmed, Hamid M. YounisCassidy, LyndaBrowne, Wesley R.Vos, Johannes G.
Oct-2019FTIR and Raman imaging for microplastics analysis: State of the art, challenges and prospectsXu, Jun-LiThomas, Kevin V.Luo, ZishengGowen, Aoife
14-Aug-2018Photoinduced Enhanced Raman from Lithium Niobate on Insulator TemplateAl-Shammari, Rusul M.Baghban, Mohammad AminAl-Attar, NebrasGowen, AoifeGallo, KatiaRice, James H.Rodriguez, Brian J.
18-Jul-2011Site selective surface enhanced Raman on nanostructured cavitiesLordan, FrancesRice, James H.Jose, BincyForster, Robert J.Keyes, Tia E.
Feb-2016Strong coupling in molecular exciton-plasmon Au nanorod array systemsFedele, StefanoHakami, ManalMurphy, AntonyPollard, RobertRice, James H.
11-May-2012Surface-enhanced Raman scattering from small numbers of purified and oxidised single-walled carbon nanotubesAl-Alttar, NebrasKennedy, EamonnKopf, IlonaGiordani, SilviaRice, James H.