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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2012Portable Bridge WIM Data Collection Strategy for Secondary RoadsEnright, BernardLeahy, CathalO'Brien, Eugene al.
Feb-2016Recent Developments in Bridge Weigh in Motion (B-WIM)Lyndon, MyraTaylor, Su E.Robinson, DesmondMufti, A.O'Brien, Eugene J.
2009A Regularised Solution to the Bridge Weigh in Motion EquationsO'Brien, Eugene J.Rowley, C.González, Arturoet al.
Feb-2016The Sensitivity of Bridge Safety to Spatial Correlation of Load and ResistanceHajializadeh, DonyaO'Brien, Eugene J.Stewart, Mark G.
22-May-2008A Statistical Spatial Repeatability Algorithm for Multiple Sensor Weigh-in-MotionO'Brien, Eugene J.González, ArturoMcInerney, F.
2000Test of WIM Sensors and Systems on an Urban RoadCaprez, MarkusDoupal, EmilJacob, BernardO'Connor, AlanO'Brien, Eugene J.
Feb-2005Traffic load modelling and factors influencing the accuracy of predicted extremesO'Connor, AlanO'Brien, Eugene J.
Apr-2008Truck fleet model for design and assessment of flexible pavementsBelay, AbrahamO'Brien, Eugene J.Kroese, Dirk P.
Oct-2006The use of Bayesian Statistics to predict patterns of spatial repeatabilityWilson, Simon P.Harris, Niall K.O'Brien, Eugene J.
Nov-2006Wavelet domain analysis for identification of vehicle axles from bridge measurementsChatterjee, PraneshO'Brien, Eugene J.Li, YingyanGonzález, Arturo
2005Weigh-in-Motion: Recent Developments in EuropeJacob, BernardO'Brien, Eugene J.