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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jan-2021Mixture of Experts Approach for Behavioral Modeling of RF Power AmplifiersBrihuega, AlbertoAbdelaziz, MahmoudAnttila, LauriLi, YueZhu, AndingValkama, Mikko
Sep-2020Noncoherent Joint Transmission Beamforming for Dense Small Cell Networks: Global Optimality, Efficient Solution and Distributed ImplementationVu, Quang-DoanhTran, Le-NamJuntti, Markku
Jun-2017On the Performance of Spatial Modulation MIMO for Full-Duplex Relay NetworksNarayanan, SandeepAhmadi, HamedFlanagan, Mark F.
13-Oct-2018Physical-layer network coding with multiple antennas: An enabling technology for smart citiesKumar, VaibhavCardiff, BarryFlanagan, Mark F.
Feb-2017Preparing Linearity and Efficiency for 5G: Digital Predistortion for Dual-Band Doherty Power Amplifiers with Mixed-Mode Carrier AggregationKelly, NoelCao, WenhuiZhu, Anding
13-Dec-2020Secure and User Efficient EAP-based Authentication Protocol for IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANsYadav, Awaneesh KumarMisra, ManojLiyanage, MadhusankaVarshney, Gaurav
Feb-2016Simultaneous Uplink/Downlink Transmission Using Full-Duplex Single-RF MIMONarayanan, SandeepAhmadi, HamedFlanagan, Mark F.
25-Feb-2021A Survey on Mobile Augmented Reality with 5G Mobile Edge Computing: Architectures, Applications and Technical AspectsSiriwardhana, YushanPorambage, PawaniLiyanage, MadhusankaYlianttila, Mika
Oct-2018Wireless-Powered Distributed Spatial Modulation With Energy Recycling and Finite-Energy StorageNarayanan, SandeepShikh-Bahaei, MohammadHou, JiancaoFlanagan, Mark F.