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26-Jul-20193D-Printed Peptide-Hydrogel Nanoparticle Composites for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy SensingAlmohammed, SawsanAlruwaili, MahaReynaud, Emmanuel G.Redmond, GarethRice, James H.Rodriguez, Brian J.
7-Dec-2018Additive Manufacture of Composite Soft Pneumatic ActuatorsByrne, OisínCoulter, FergalGlynn, MarkJones, James F. X.Ní Annaidh, AislingO'Cearbhaill, Eoin D.Holland, Dónal P
14-Jun-2019An Application of 3D Model Reconstruction and Augmented Reality for Real-Time Monitoring of Additive ManufacturingMalik, AmmarLhachemi, HugoPloennigs, JoernBa, AmadouShorten, Robert
18-Apr-2018Application of Additive Manufacturing in Design & Manufacturing Engineering EducationKeaveney, ShaneDowling, Denis P.
19-May-2016Cross entropy weight minimization of a compressive strutO'Brien, Eugene J.Malekjafarian, AbdollahMicu, Alexandra
2022Design of an Immersive Human-Centric Cyber-Physical System for Additive ManufacturingMalik, Ammar
13-Oct-2020The effects of geometry and laser power on the porosity and melt pool formation in additively manufactured 316L stainless steelPiazza, SebastianoMerrigan, BrianDowling, Denis P.Celikin, Mert
Apr-2020Effects of Laser Power on Geometry, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Printed Ti-6Al-4V PartsRossi Kaschel, FredericoCelikin, MertDowling, Denis P.
15-Mar-2019Enhancing the bearing strength of woven carbon fibre thermoplastic composites through additive manufacturingDickson, Andrew N.Dowling, Denis P.
Jan-2021Environmental impacts of conventional and additive manufacturing for the production of Ti-6Al-4V knee implant: A life cycle approachLyons, RonanNewell, AnthonyGhadimi, PezhmanPapakostas, Nikolaos
25-May-2020I-nteract: A Cyber-Physical System for Real-Time Interaction With Physical and Virtual Objects Using Mixed Reality Technologies for Additive ManufacturingMalik, AmmarLhachemi, HugoShorten, Robert
Oct-2021Impact of print bed build location on the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of parts printed by multi jet fusionSagbas, BinnurGümüş, Beril EkerKahraman, YusufDowling, Denis P.
5-Jul-2021In-situ XRD Study on the Effects of Stress Relaxation and Phase Transformation Heat Treatments on Mechanical and Microstructural Behaviour of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4VRossi Kaschel, FredericoVijayaraghavan, R. K.McNally, Patrick J.Dowling, Denis P.Celikin, Mert
16-Jul-2019Liquid-phase 3D bioprinting of gelatin alginate hydrogels: influence of printing parameters on hydrogel line width and layer heightAlruwaili, MahaLopez, Jose A.McCarthy, KevinReynaud, Emmanuel G.Rodriguez, Brian J.
Nov-2019Low‐pressure additive manufacturing of continuous fiber‐reinforced polymer compositesO'Connor, HeatherDowling, Denis P.
15-Apr-2020Mechanism of Stress Relaxation and Phase Transformation in Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V via in situ High Temperature XRD and TEM AnalysesRossi Kaschel, FredericoVijayaraghavan, R. K.Shmeliov, A.Dowling, Denis P.Celikin, Mertet al.
25-Apr-2019A novel paradigm for managing the product development process utilising blockchain technology principlesPapakostas, NikolaosNewell, AnthonyHargaden, Vincent