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Apr-2013Camera in Camera - photographing the room and its viewCampbell, Hugh
24-Apr-2010Evolutionary design using grammatical evolution and shape grammars : designing a shelterO'Neill, MichaelMcDermott, JamesSwafford, John MarkByrne, JonathanHemberg, ErikBrabazon, AnthonyShotton, ElizabethMcNally, CiaranHemberg, Martin
May-2012How the mind meets architecture: what photography revealsCampbell, Hugh
Apr-2011How the mind meets architecture: what photography revealsCampbell, Hugh
Nov-2013The Law School: A Sense of PlaceMaher, Imelda
Dec-2006Material ImprecisionShotton, Elizabeth
18-Oct-2011A Methodology to Develop Judgment Skills in Sustainable Architectural EducationKenny, PaulBrophy, Vivienne
18-Apr-2019Micro-Operator driven Local 5G Network Architecture for Industrial InternetSiriwardhana, YushanPorambage, PawaniLiyanage, Madhusankaet al.
2012Ordering Things: The Irish State Administration DatabaseHardiman, NiamhScott, Colin
Jan-2010The Qualia of Architectural Experience: On Sullivan, Szarowski, Autobiographies and IdeasCampbell, Hugh
2013Roman Bathhouses on Crete as Indicators of Cultural Transition: The Dynamics of Roman InfluenceKelly, Amanda
May-2004Strategic InitiativesShotton, Elizabeth
May-2017Submission to Public Consultation on research topics on collaborative research by ESRI and Department of Housing, Planning Community & Local GovernmentHegarty, OrlaArnold, PaulGraefin Maltzan, SophieMurphy, OrlaO'Brien, ThomasPilla, Francesco
2011Time-space compression, ruination, and the 'profound otherness' of Ground ZeroO'Keeffe, Tadhg
Apr-2014Unconscious Places - Thomas Struth and the Architecture of the CityCampbell, Hugh