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Nov-2014Actually in the cinema: A field study comparing real 3D and 2D movie patrons' attention, emotion and film satisfactionRooney, BrendanHennessy, Eilis
1-Sep-2017Altered Neurophysiological Processing of Auditory Attention in Preschool Children With Sickle Cell DiseaseDownes, MichelleKirkham, Fenella J.Telfer, Paul T.De Haan, Michelle
30-May-2018Assessment of Executive Functions in Preschool Children with Sickle Cell AnemiaDownes, MichelleKirkham, Fenella J.Telfer, Paul T.De Haan, Michelle
Jul-2014In praise of conscious awareness: a new framework for the investigation of 'continuous improvement' in expert athletesToner, JohnMoran, Aidan P.
2017An investigation into the neurocognitive processes underlying motor imageryO'Shea, Helen
22-Jan-2018Overnight auto-adjusting continuous airway pressure‚ÄČ+‚ÄČstandard care compared with standard care alone in the prevention of morbidity in sickle cell disease phase II (POMS2b): Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialHoward, JoSlee, April E.Skene, SimonDownes, Michelleet al.
Aug-2014There is more to green reading than meets the eye! Exploring the gaze behaviours of expert golfers on a virtual golf putting taskCampbell, MarkMoran, Aidan P.
3-Feb-2018Visual attention control differences in 12-month-old preterm infantsDownes, MichelleKelly, DavidDay, Kayleighet al.