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5-Jul-2010The CINMa index: assessing the potential impact of GM crop management across a heterogeneous landscapeCollier, MarcusMullins, Ewen
27-Jun-2016Design of roads in harmony with wildlifeO'Brien, Eugene J.Tschan, GeorgWansink, Dennis E. H.Puky, Miklós
Jul-2012Different bioindicators measured at different spatial scales vary in their response to agricultural intensityMcMahon, Barry J.Anderson, AnnetteCarnus, TimHelden, AlvinKelly-Quinn, MaryMaki, AmelSheridan, HelenPurvis, Gordon
2008Does MOLAND work as a tool for the assessment and/or as a predictor of the distribution of urban biodiversity in Dublin city?Brennan, MichaelTwumasi, Bright Osei
30-Aug-2018Ecostructure: Concrete design for improved marine biodiversityMcNally, CiaranNatanzi, Atteyeh S.
15-Aug-2019Forest decision support systems for the analysis of ecosystem services provisioning at the landscape scale under global climate and market change scenariosNordström, Eva-MariaNieuwenhuis, MaartenBaşkent, Emin ZekiBlack, KevinCorrigan, EdwinLundholm, Anderset al.
25-Jan-2018A global ocean atlas of eukaryotic genesCarradec, QuentinPelletier, EricDa Silva, CorinneReynaud, Emmanuel al.
24-Jul-2012The impact of a catastrophic storm event on benthic macroinvertebrate communities in upland headwater streams and potential implications for ecological diversity and assessment of ecological statusFeeley, Hugh B.Davis, StephenBruen, MichaelBlacklocke, SeanKelly-Quinn, Mary
Dec-2007Irish agriculture and farmland birds, research to date and future prioritiesMcMahon, Barry J.
Mar-2020Mobilising Finance for Biodiversity: A policy and institutional review of finance arrangements for biodiversity conservation in IrelandMc Guinness, ShaneBullock, Craig
Jun-2021Moth assemblages within urban domestic gardens respond positively to habitat complexity, but only at a scale that extends beyond the garden boundaryEllis, Emilie E.Wilkinson, Tom L.
2-Dec-2020National Ecosystem Monitoring Network (NEMN) - 2020 UpdateKelleghan, David B.Cummins, ThomasJones, LaurenceRowe, EdTang, SimMarnane, Ian
Oct-2012Peatlands, their public good value and priorities for their future management - the example of IrelandBullock, CraigCollier, MarcusConvery, Frank J.
15-Mar-2013Potential for longevity of novel genetically modified herbicide-tolerant traits in the Irish landscapeCollier, MarcusMullins, Ewen
Dec-2013Regional and farm system drivers of avian biodiversity within agriculture ecosystemsMcMahon, Barry J.Sheridan, HelenAnderson, AnnetteCarnus, TimPurvis, Gordon
Dec-2012Survey evaluation for species richness of farmland birdsMcMahon, Barry J.Copland, Alex S.Kirwan, LauraPurvis, GordonWhelan, John
May-2021What do we still need to know about Ixodes ricinus?Gray, J. (Jeremy S.)Kahl, OlafZintl, Annetta
2009Where have all the parks gone? Changes in Dublin's green space between 1990 and 2006Brennan, MichaelMcInerney, DanielHochstrasser, TamaraHayden, Tom