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19-Aug-2011Abnormal N-heterocyclic Carbenes: More than just Exceptionally Strong Donor LigandsKrüger, AnnekeAlbrecht, Martin
Sep-2011Abnormal NHC Palladium Complexes: Synthesis, Structure, and ReactivityPoulain, AurélieIglesias, ManuelAlbrecht, Martin
1-Jul-2014Carbene Iridium Complexes for Efficient Water Oxidation: Scope and Mechanistic InsightsWoods, James A.Lalrempuia, RaltePetronilho, AnaMüller-Bunz, HelgeAlbrecht, Martinet al.
4-Sep-2013Carbene transfer from triazolylidene gold complexes as a potent strategy for inducing high catalytic activityCanseco-Gonzalez, DanielPetronilho, AnaMüller-Bunz, HelgeAlbrecht, Martinet al.
23-Oct-2009Carbenes in ActionAlbrecht, Martin
27-Oct-2014Catalytic and Organometallic Chemistry of Earth-Abundant MetalsAlbrecht, MartinBedford, RobinPlietker, Bernd
21-Nov-2014Ligand Exchange and Redox Processes in Iridium Triazolylidene Complexes Relevant to Catalytic Water OxidationPetronilho, AnaLlobet, AntoniAlbrecht, Martin
4-Jul-2012Mesoionic oxides: facile access from triazolium salts or triazolylidene copper precursors and, catalytic relevancePetronilho, AnaMüller-Bunz, HelgeAlbrecht, Martin
2010Non-classical N-Heterocyclic carbene complexesKrüger, AnnekeAlbrecht, Martin
3-Oct-2014Normal and abnormal N-heterocylic carbene ligands: Similarities and differences of different mesoionic C-donor complexesAlbrecht, Martin
10-Oct-2012Photolytic water oxidation catalyzed by a molecular carbene iridium complexPetronilho, AnaRahman, MahfujurWoods, James A.Al-Sayyed, HarisMüller-Bunz, HelgeMacElroy, J. M. DonBernhard, StefanAlbrecht, Martin
29-Nov-2012Regioselective Electrophilic C-H Bond Activation in Triazolylidene Metal Complexes Containing a N-Bound Phenyl SubstituentDonnelly, Kate F.Lalrempuia, RalteMüller-Bunz, HelgeAlbrecht, Martin
21-Jul-2014Solvent-dependent switch of ligand donor ability and catalytic activity of ruthenium(II) complexes containing pyridinylidene amide (PYA) n-heterocyclic carbene hybrid ligandsLeigh, VivienneCarleton, Daniel J.Olguín, JuanMüller-Bunz, HelgeWright, L. JamesAlbrecht, Martin
4-Feb-2014Springloaded porphyrin NHC hybrid rhodium(III) complexes: carbene dissociation and oxidation catalysisOlguín, JuanMüller-Bunz, HelgeAlbrecht, Martin
2022Synthesis and Applications of Axially Chiral P, N Ligands in Asymmetric CatalysisBarker, James
5-Feb-2014Towards the design of novel boron- and nitrogen-substituted ammonia-borane and bifunctional arene ruthenium catalysts for hydrogen storageBandaru, SateeshEnglish, Niall J.Phillips, Andrew D.MacElroy, J. M. Don
2015The use of alkaline earth oxides as pH modifiers for selective glycerol oxidation over supported Au catalystsSullivan, James A.Burnham, Sarah