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Jul-2020Adapting or Freezing? Ideological Reactions of Communist Regimes to a Post-Communist WorldDukalskis, AlexanderGerschewski, Johannes
25-May-2018Aid curse with Chinese characteristics? Chinese development flows and economic reformsBrazys, SamuelVadlamannati, Krishna Chaitanya
Feb-2017The Authoritarian Public Sphere: Legitimation and Autocratic Power in North Korea, Burma, and China (Abstract & Introduction)Dukalskis, Alexander
Jun-2017Bad Neighbors? How co-located Chinese and World Bank Development Projects Impact Local Corruption in TanzaniaBrazys, SamuelElkink, Johan A.Kelly, Gina
2017Canary in the Coal Mine? China, the UNGA and the Changing World OrderBrazys, SamuelDukalskis, Alexander
Jun-2020Connecting the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions: The Role of Practical MathematicsKelly, MorganÓ Gráda, Cormac
1-Mar-2017A crisis of crisis management? Evaluating post-2010 housing restructuring in Nanjing, ChinaZhang, ZhaoMoore-Cherry, NiamhRedmond, Declan
1-Dec-2019Environmental and energy performance assessment of buildings using scenario modelling and fuzzy analytic network processHu, ShushanHoare, CathalRaftery, PaulO'Donnell, James
2022Essays on sustainable finance across asset classes : empirical evidence from China and USGao, Yumeng
Aug-2012Estimating the External Returns to Education: Evidence from ChinaFan, WenMa, Yuanyuan
8-Jul-2016Farmland Drought Evaluation Based on the Assimilation of Multi-Temporal Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data into AquaCrop ModelYang, GuijunYang, HaoXiuliang, JinSilvestro, Paolo Cosmoet al.
Oct-2019The Innocents Abroad: The experience of two UCD Librarians teaching information literacy in ChinaMolloy, JamesStokes, Diarmuid
28-Jan-2019Justifying power: when autocracies talk about themselves and their opponentsDukalskis, AlexanderPatane, Christopher
Jan-2011Relative Concerns of Rural-to-Urban Migrants in ChinaAkay, AlpaslanBargain, OlivierZimmermann, Klaus F.