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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Application of Clustering Techniquesfor Pre-Processing Spatio-Temporal DataWhelan, Michael
19-Jul-2012Clustering Approaches for Financial Data Analysis: a SurveyLe-Khac, Nhien-AnCai, FanKechadi, Tahar
30-Jun-2017Clustering high‐dimensional mixed data to uncover sub‐phenotypes: joint analysis of phenotypic and genotypic dataMcParland, DamienPhillips, CatherineBrennan, LorraineRoche, Helen M.Gormley, Isobel Claire
Jan-2010Clustering ranked preference data using sociodemographic covariatesGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Jun-2014Clustering South African households based on their asset status using latent variable modelsMcParland, DamienGormley, Isobel ClaireMcCormick, Tyler al.
30-Jun-2010Data Reduction in Very Large Spatio-Temporal Data SetsWhelan, MichaelLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
Mar-2021Data-Clustering-Assisted Digital Predistortion for 5G Millimeter-Wave Beamforming Transmitters With Multiple Dynamic ConfigurationsYin, HangYu, ZhiqiangYu, ChaoZhu, Andinget al.
2015Distributed Clustering Algorithm for Spatial Data MiningBendechache, MalikaKechadi, TaharChen, Chong Cheng
19-Oct-2016Efficient Large Scale Clustering based on Data PartitioningBendechache, MalikaLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
Dec-2015A finite mixture latent trajectory model for modeling ultrarunners' behavior in a 24-hour raceBartolucci, FrancescoMurphy, Thomas Brendan
2015Interpreting map usage patterns using geovisual analytics and spatio-temporal clusteringMcArdle, GavinTahir, AliBertolotto, Michela
1-Nov-2020A methodology for calibration of building energy models at district scale using clustering and surrogate techniquesTardioli, GiovanniNarayan, AdityaKerrigan, RuthOates, MikeO'Donnell, JamesFinn, Donal
May-2010A Mixture of Experts Latent Position Cluster Model for Social Network DataGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Apr-2011Mixture of experts modelling with social science applicationsGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
26-Mar-2018Motor insurance claim modelling with factor collapsing and Bayesian model averagingHu, SenO'Hagan, AdrianMurphy, Thomas Brendan
10-Dec-2010Preferences in college applications - a nonparametric Bayesian analysis of top-10 rankingsAli, AlnurMurphy, Thomas BrendanMeila, MarinaChen, Harr
11-Nov-2016Retrieval and Clustering of Medicines Within Healthcare Data RecordsWallace, DuncanKechadi, Tahar
24-Jul-2015Scalable Correlation-aware Virtual Machine Consolidation Using Two-phase ClusteringLi, XiVentresque, AnthonyIglesias, Jesus OmanaMurphy, John
25-Jun-2022Two Dimensional Clustering of Swift/BAT and Fermi/GBM Gamma-ray BurstsSalmon, LanaHanlon, LorraineMartin-Carrillo, Antonio
28-Dec-2017Variable Selection for Latent Class Analysis with Application to Low Back Pain DiagnosisFop, MichaelSmart, KeithMurphy, Thomas Brendan