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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Aug-2018Aligning Learning Outcomes to Improve Communication and Learning Skills in an Interdisciplinary Problem-Based Learning EnvironmentKeenahan, JenniferMcCrum, Daniel
6-Jul-2019A claim upon what? Cryptocurrencies as 'scene'Miscione, Gianluca
Jan-2008Communication media selection in buyer-supplier relationshipsAmbrose, EamonnMarshall, DonnaFynes, BrianLynch, Daniel F.
May-2018The CRITHINKEDU European Course on critical thinking education for university teachers : from conception to deliveryJiang, LaiHuyghe, StevenEvers, MarleenAhern, AoifeMcNally, CiaranO'Sullivan, J. al.
17-Oct-2019Design and Test of a Headset Activation Platform Controlled by Eye Gaze TrackingLambe, EoinCuffe, Paul
2020Detecting weak and strong Islamophobic hate speech on social mediaVidgen, BertieYasseri, Taha
30-Sep-2020Developing interdisciplinary understanding and dialogue between Engineering and Architectural students: design and evaluation of a problem-based learning moduleKeenahan, JenniferMcCrum, Daniel
Apr-2015Developing Skills for Social and Emotional WellbeingSlovak, PetrWadely, GregCoyle, Davidet al.
20-Jul-2012Enhancing flood resilience through improved risk communicationsO'Sullivan, J. J.Bradford, R. A.Bonaiuto, M.De Dominicis, S.Rotko, P.Aaltonen, J.Waylen, K.Langan, S. J.
Nov-2017Explaining Communication Choices during Equity Offerings: Market Timing or Impression Management?Hemmings, Danial R.Brennan, NiamhMerkl-Davies, Doris M.
2013Exploring communication and representation of the self in a virtual world by young people with autismNewbutt, Nigel
14-May-2013How In-Home Technologies Mediate Caregiving Relationships in Later LifeHuber, LesaShankar, KalpanaConnelly, KayCaine, Kelly E.Camp, L. JeanWalker, Beth AnnBorrero, Lisa
1-Apr-2020How to make remote working workClancy, Annette
Feb-2018How to...Manage Resistance to ChangeClancy, Annette
30-May-2008Information Society PolicyKomito, Lee
Nov-2011An investigation of innovation and knowledge creation in virtual worldsO Riordan, Niamh
22-Oct-2018Joint speech as an object of empirical inquiryCummins, Fred
9-Mar-2012Migration, Community and Social MediaBates, JessicaKomito, Lee
12-Jan-1990Mirrors, masks and diverse milieuxButtimer, Anne
3-Jul-2018Patterns in Award Winning Data Storytelling: Story Types, Enabling Tools and CompetencesOjo, AdegboyegaHeravi, Bahareh R.