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2009Analysing the development of bipartisanship in the Dáil : the interaction of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil party politics on the Irish government policy on Northern IrelandMcDermott, Susan
May-2003Catholicism in Northern Ireland and the process of conflictMitchell, Claire
Jul-2009Conflicting rationalities, knowledge and values in scarred landscapesCollier, MarcusScott, Mark J.
2006Debating partition : justifications and critiquesO'Leary, Brendan
2008"Humespeak" : the SDLP, political discourse, and the Northern Ireland peace processMcLoughlin, P. J.
2009Implementation issues and the pursuit of a settlement in Northern IrelandCoakley, John
Feb-2018The (In)Justices of Peacekeeping EUFOR Tchad/RCATonra, Ben
2006An island economy or island economies? Ireland after the Belfast agreementBradley, John
Oct-2013Managing in Conflict: How Actors Distribute Conflict in an Industrial NetworkFinch, JohnZhang, ShimingGeiger, Susi
Feb-2007The nature of meaning of identity in Northern Ireland after the Belfast Good Friday AgreementMuldoon, OrlaTrew, Karen J.Todd, JenniferRougier, NathalieMcLaughlin, Katrina
2009Northern Ireland : a multi-phased history of conflict, a multi-leveled process of settlementTodd, Jennifer
Jul-2009Northern Ireland : from multi-phased conflict to multi-levelled settlementTodd, Jennifer
2004The Northern Ireland civic forum and a politics of recognitionPålshaugen, Lone Singstad
2004The political impact of secularisation in Northern IrelandHayes, Bernadette C.McAllister, Ian
2009Protestant minorities in European states and nationsRuane, JosephTodd, Jennifer
2009Resistance, obstruction and agenda-setting : the hidden politics of the Northern Ireland settlementMcGrattan, Cillian
Mar-2010Symbolic complexity and political division : the changing role of religion in Northern IrelandTodd, Jennifer
12-Feb-2009Trajectories of identity change : explaining the persistence of collective oppositionTodd, Jennifer
14-Oct-2014Two-to-one color-response mapping and the presence of semantic conflict in the Stroop taskHasshim, NabilParris, Benjamin A.