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28-Nov-2018The bovine tuberculosis cluster in north County Sligo during 2014-16Doyle, RobertClegg, Tracy A.McGrath, GuyTratalos, Jamie A.More, Simon Johnet al.
Jul-1996Controlling badger movement onto farms with electrified wire fencingHahesy, Tom
Feb-1992A cost/benefit analysis of future options for bovine tuberculosis controlSheehy, Seamus J.Christiansen, Kathryn H.
Oct-2017Differentiating control, monitoring and oversight: Influence of power relations on boards of directors – insights from investment fund boardsCullen, Margaret M.Brennan, Niamh
Jan-2012Dual mode control of the rotational grinding processAhearne, EamonnLogan, D.Byrne, Gerald
1-Aug-2018EIRSAT-1 - The Educational Irish Research SatelliteMurphy, DavidJoe, FlanaganThompson, Joseph W.Doyle, MaeveErkal, JessicaGloster, AndrewO'Toole, ConorSalmon, LanaSherwin, DaireWalsh, Sarahde Faoite, DaithíMcBreen, SheilaMcKeown, DavidO'Connor, WilliamStanton, Kenneth T.Ulyanov, AlexeiWall, RonanHanlon, Lorraine
Jun-2002The epidemiology and control of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Ireland in 2001Griffin, John M.O'Reilly, Patrick J.
Aug-2015Evaluation of testing strategies to identify infected animals at a single round of testing within dairy herds known to be infected with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosisMore, Simon JohnCameron, A. R.Strain, Samet al.
2009From physical models to well-founded controlDobson, SimonCoyle, LorcanO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)Hinchey, Mike
Dec-2004The impact of badger removal on the control of tuberculosis in cattle herds in Ireland. A report prepared for the Minister of Agriculture and Food, December 2004
8-Jun-2016A macroeconomic mathematical model for the national income of a union of countries with interaction and tradeDassios, Ioannis K.Devine, Mel T.
Jun-2002New approaches to the diagnosis and control of tuberculosis in badgersGormley, EamonnCostello, Eamon
Dec-2020Novel decontamination approaches and their potential application for post-harvest aflatoxin controlMarshall, HelinaMeneely, Julie P.Quinn, BrianBourke, Paulaet al.
29-Apr-2019A platform approach in solution business: How platform openness can be used to control solution networksWei, RuiqiGeiger, SusiVize, Róisín
2008Tuberculosis in alpaca (lama pacos) on a farm in ireland. 2. results of an epidemiological investigationConnolly, D. J.Dwyer, P. J.Fagan, al.
Dec-2003Tuberculosis in cattle and its control: limitations to the use of the interferon-gamma assay in attested herdsGormley, EamonnMcGill, KevinaDoyle, Mairead B.Fitzsimons, Tara A.Kelly, AidanCollins, John D.
Mar-1993The use of electric fencing to control badger movementHahesy, TomSleeman, D. PaddyTwomey, N.
Jul-1994The use of wire fencing to control badger movement - an updateHahesy, TomSleeman, D. PaddyTwomey, N.