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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2016Accountability Processes in Boardrooms: A Conceptual Model of Manager-Non-Executive Director Information AsymmetryBrennan, NiamhKirwan, Collette E.Redmond, John
1-Jan-2003Are non-executive directors of Irish plcs independent?Brennan, NiamhMcDermott, Michael
2015Audit committees: practices, practitioners and praxis of governanceBrennan, NiamhKirwan, Collette E.
Dec-2013Behavioural and Psychological influences on BoardsBrennan, Niamh
3-Sep-2013Behavioural and psychological influences on boardsBrennan, Niamh
Oct-2018Board effectivenesssBrennan, Niamh
7-Apr-2010Boards that work - information flow is the keyBrennan, Niamh
8-Jul-2017Changing the Rules of the Game: Recasting the Legal and Ethical Foundation of Business and ManagementKavanagh, DonnchaBrigham, MartinBurton, Nicholas
Sep-2015A Concentration of MindsBrennan, Niamh
1997Corporate Governance Practices in Irish CompaniesBrennan, NiamhMcCafferty, Jacqueline
2008Corporate governance, accountability and mechanisms of accountability : an overviewBrennan, NiamhSolomon, J. (Jill)
Mar-2009Corporate governance, business judgement and the credit crunchBrennan, Niamh
Feb-2012Crisis in the Irish Banking SystemClarke, BlanaidHardiman, Niamh
Dec-2004Good faith reporting by trainee auditorsKelly, JohnBrennan, Niamh
24-May-2013How much should boards know?Brennan, NiamhRedmond, John
1-Apr-2017Implementing Corporate Governance: Practices, Practitioners, PraxisBrennan, NiamhKirwan, Collette E.
2012Ireland: Hubris and nemesisClarke, BlanaidHardiman, Niamh
21-Jul-2017Let's keep 'comply-or-explain' in corporate governance burning brightShrives, Philip J.Brennan, Niamh
3-Dec-2018The public goodBrennan, Niamh
22-Jun-2015Reflections on Corporate Governance following Clerys' ClosureBrennan, Niamh