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14-Sep-2006ADMIRE framework: Distributed Data Mining on Data Grid platformsLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, TaharCarthy, Joe
Mar-2010The application of cluster analysis in geophysical data interpretationSong, Yu-ChenMeng, Hai-DongO'Grady, Michael J.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
23-Mar-2016Data Mining Techniques Applied to Wireless Sensor Networks for Early Forest Fire DetectionSaoudi, MassinissaBounceur, AhceneEuler, ReinhardtKechadi, Tahar
30-Jun-2010Data Reduction in Very Large Spatio-Temporal Data SetsWhelan, MichaelLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
11-Dec-2011Deriving insights from national happiness indicesBrew, AnthonyGreene, DerekArchambault, DanielCunningham, Pádraig
24-May-2017Developing COUNTER standards to measure the use of Open Access resourcesGreene, Joseph
19-Nov-2014E-government Alerts Correlation ModelAl-Mahrouqi, AadilAbdalla, SamehKechadi, Tahar
26-Dec-2018Fault Detection in Distribution Networks in Presence of Distributed Generations Using a Data Mining Driven Wavelet TransformMohammadnian, YounessAmraee, TurajSoroudi, Alireza
2018A Geometric Distance Oracle for Large Real-World GraphsAjwani, DeepakKennedy, W. SeanSala, AlessandraSaniee, Iraj
1-Dec-2011A hybrid model of data mining and MCDM methods for estimating customer lifetime valueAzadnia, Amir HosseinGhadimi, PezhmanMolani-Aghdam, Mohammad
Apr-2018Prioritized Relationship Analysis in Heterogeneous Information NetworksLiang, JiongqianAjwani, DeepakNicholson, Patrick al.
2017Use of Data Mining Techniques to Predict Short Term Adverse Events Occurrence in NB-UVB Phototherapy TreatmentsMohamed, SharifaHuang, BingquanKechadi, Tahar
28-Jun-2007Variance-based Clustering Technique for Distributed Data Mining ApplicationsAouad, LamineLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar