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17-May-2019Anomaly Detection in Raw Audio Using Deep Autoregressive NetworksRushe, EllenMacNamee, Brian
Mar-2010A case study : problem based learning for civil engineering students in transportation coursesAhern, Aoife
1-Jan-2020Deep learning methods in protein structure predictionTorrisi, MirkoPollastri, GianlucaLe, Quan
26-Aug-2019Deeper Profiles and Cascaded Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Networks for state-of-the-art Protein Secondary Structure PredictionTorrisi, MirkoKaleel, ManazPollastri, Gianluca
31-Aug-2020Extracting Pasture Phenotype and Biomass Percentages using Weakly Supervised Multi-target Deep Learning on a Small DatasetNarayanan, BadriSaadeldin, MohamedAlbert, PaulMcGuinness, KevinMacNamee, Brian
9-Aug-2019How Case-Based Reasoning Explains Neural Networks: A Theoretical Analysis of XAI Using Post-Hoc Explanation-by-Example from a Survey of ANN-CBR Twin-SystemsKeane, Mark T.Kenny, Eoin M.
14-Sep-2018Human Activity Recognition with Convolutional Neural NetworksBevilacqua, AntonioMacDonald, KyleRangarej, AaminaWidjaya, VenessaCaulfield, BrianKechadi, Tahar
26-Aug-2019Improving Borderline Adulthood Facial Age Estimation through Ensemble LearningAnda, FelixLillis, DavidKanta, AikateriniBecker, Brett A.Bou-Harb, EliasLe-Khac, Nhien-AnScanlon, Mark
6-Aug-2019PaleAle 5.0: prediction of protein relative solvent accessibility by deep learningKaleel, ManazTorrisi, MirkoMooney, CatherinePollastri, Gianluca
30-Aug-2019Synthetic Positron Emission Tomography Using Conditional-Generative Adversarial Networks for Healthy Bone Marrow Baseline Image GenerationLeydon, PatrickO'Connell, MartinGreene, DerekCurran, Kathleen M.