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Sep-2016Analysing the impact of large-scale decentralized demand side response on frequency stabilityQazi, Hassan WajahatFlynn, Damian
15-Oct-2014Discrete Elastic Residential Load Response under Variable Pricing SchemesMcKenna, KillianKeane, Andrew
2016Distribution networks' energy losses versus hosting capacity of wind power in the presence of demand flexibilitySoroudi, AlirezaRabiee, AbbasKeane, Andrew
25-Jan-2019The effect of Demand Response and wind generation on electricity investment and operationDevine, Mel T.Nolan, SheilaLynch, Muireann Á.O'Malley, Mark
9-Aug-2017Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Demand Response Potential ForecastingKapetanakis, Dimitrios-StavrosChristantoni, DespoinaMangina, EleniFinn, Donal
15-Sep-2019The impacts of demand response participation in capacity marketsLynch, Muireann Á.Nolan, SheilaDevine, Mel T.O'Malley, Mark
Nov-2016Implementation of demand response strategies in a multi-purpose commercial building using a whole-building simulation model approachChristantoni, DespoinaOxizidis, SimeonFlynn, DamianFinn, Donal
Apr-2017Information gap decision theory approach to deal with wind power uncertainty in unit commitmentSoroudi, AlirezaRabiee, AbbasKeane, Andrew
25-May-2016Investigation of demand response strategies in a mixed use buildingChristantoni, DespoinaOxizidis, SimeonFlynn, DamianFinn, Donal
17-Jun-2015Modelling of a Multi-purpose Commercial Building for Demand Response AnalysisChristantoni, DespoinaFlynn, DamianFinn, Donal
Jul-2020On the assessment and control optimisation of demand response programs in residential buildingsPallonetto, FabianoDe Rosa, MattiaD’Ettorre, FrancescoFinn, Donal
Jan-2016Optimal DR and ESS Scheduling for Distribution Losses Payments Minimization Under Electricity Price UncertaintySoroudi, AlirezaSiano, PierluigiKeane, Andrew
9-Aug-2017Prediction of Residential Building Demand Response Potential Using Data-Driven TechniquesKapetanakis, Dimitrios-StavrosNeu, OlivierFinn, Donal
4-Sep-2019Quantification and characterization of energy flexibility in the residential building sectorBampoulas, AdamantioSaffari, MohhamadPallonetto, FabianoDe Rosa, MattiaMangina, EleniFinn, Donal
10-Jun-2015Residential Load Modeling of Price Based Demand Response for Network Impact StudiesMcKenna, KillianKeane, Andrew
18-Apr-2019Self-Learning Control Algorithms for Energy Systems Integration in the Residential Building SectorBampoulas, AdamantioSaffari, MohhamadPallonetto, FabianoMangina, EleniFinn, Donal
1-Aug-2020Towards Standardising Market-Independent Indicators for Quantifying Energy Flexibility in BuildingsKathirgamanathan, AnjukanPéan, ThibaultZhang, KunDe Rosa, MattiaSalom, JaumeKummert, MichaëlFinn, Donal