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17-Nov-2020A Centralised Soft Actor Critic Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach to District Demand Side Management through CityLearnKathirgamanathan, AnjukanTwardowski, KacperMangina, EleniFinn, Donal
4-Apr-2014Developing building archetypes for electrical load shifting assessment: Analysis of Irish residential stockNeu, OlivierSherlock, BrónaghOxizidis, SimeonFlynn, DamianFinn, Donal
Oct-2009Evaluating which forms of flexibility most effectively reduce base load cycling at large wind penetrationsTroy, NiamhDenny, EleanorO'Malley, Mark
17-Aug-2017Evaluation of Flexibility Impacts of Thermal Electric Storage Using an Integrated Building-to-Grid ModelAnwar, Muhammad BasharO'Malley, MarkBurke, Daniel J.
4-Sep-2019Feature Assessment in Data-Driven Models for Unlocking Building Energy FlexibilityKathirgamanathan, AnjukanDe Rosa, MattiaMangina, EleniFinn, Donal
2-Jul-2015Impact of large-scale demand side management on system frequency policy - a case studyQazi, Hassan WajahatRather, Zakir H.Flynn, Damian
21-Oct-2016An integrated Building-to-Grid model for evaluation of energy arbitrage value of Thermal StorageAnwar, Muhammad BasharAndrade-Cabrera, CarlosNeu, OlivierO'Malley, MarkBurke, Daniel J.
25-May-2016Next generation building performance metrics to enable energy systems integrationBeagon, PaulWarren, JoeFinn, DonalO'Donnell, James
22-Sep-2020Towards Robustness of Data-Driven Predictive Control for Building Energy Flexibility ApplicationsKathirgamanathan, AnjukanDe Rosa, MattiaMangina, EleniFinn, Donal
1-Aug-2020Towards Standardising Market-Independent Indicators for Quantifying Energy Flexibility in BuildingsKathirgamanathan, AnjukanPéan, ThibaultZhang, KunDe Rosa, MattiaSalom, JaumeKummert, MichaëlFinn, Donal
Jun-2016Utilising time of use surveys to predict domestic hot water consumption and heat demand profiles of residential building stocksNeu, OlivierOxizidis, SimeonFlynn, DamianFinn, Donal
11-Sep-2014Utilising time of use surveys to predict water demand profiles of residential building stocks: Irish case study for domestic hot waterNeu, OlivierOxizidis, SimeonFlynn, DamianFinn, Donal