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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2010Abortion among young women and subsequent life outcomesCasey, Patricia R.
2009Adjustment disorders with depressed mood: A critique of its DSM-IV and ICD-10 conceptualization and recommendations for the futureBaumeister, H.Maercker, A.Casey, Patricia R.
Jun-2011Adolescents' beliefs about sources of help for ADHD and depressionSwords, LorraineHennessy, EilisHeary, Caroline
30-Aug-2014Adolescents׳ perceptions of peers with depression: An attributional analysisDolphin, LouiseHennessy, Eilis
Dec-2009Applications for fees waivers on medical and psychiatric grounds at an Irish third-level collegeWhite, Daniel C.Kelly, Brendan D.Casey, Patricia R.
Jun-2006Can adjustment disorders and depressive episodes be distinguished? Results from ODINCasey, Patricia R.Maracy, MohammadKelly, Brendan al.
1-Nov-2018Coastal blue space and depression in older adultsDempsey, SeraphimDevine, Mel T.Gillespie, Tomet al.
Jul-2009Combatting depressionCarr, Alan
Jun-2015A Controlled Evaluation of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Patients with Coronary Heart Disease and DepressionO'Doherty, VeronicaCarr, AlanMcGrann, AlisonO'Neill, James al.
2001Depression and power in marriageByrne, MichaelCarr, Alan
Nov-2000Depression and power in marriageByrne, MichaelCarr, Alan
Feb-2009The development of children's understanding of common psychological problemsHennessy, EilisHeary, Caroline
May-2011Development of the Children's Attributions about Psychological Problems in their Peers (CAPPP) ScaleSwords, LorraineHennessy, EilisHeary, Caroline
Oct-2012Explicit and implicit stigma towards peers with mental health problems in childhood and adolescenceO'Driscoll, ClaireHeary, CarolineHennessy, EilisMcKeague, Lynn
Jul-2017An exploration of mental health literacy in relation to depression in secondary school pupilsDoyle, ErickaO'Sullivan, ShaunaghNearchou, FinikiHennessy, Eilis
Sep-2011Factors associated with acceptance of peers with mental health problems in childhood and adolescenceSwords, LorraineHeary, CarolineHennessy, Eilis
2006Factors associated with suicidal ideation in the general population : Five-centre analysis from the ODIN studyCasey, Patricia R.Dunn, GrahamKelly, Brendan al.
Apr-2005Family and marital profiles of couples in which one partner has depression or anxietyHickey, DeirdreCarr, AlanDooley, Barbara A.Guerin, Suzanneet al.
Oct-2010Height and well-being amongst older EuropeansDenny, Kevin
Jun-2009Impact of severity of personality disorder on the outcome of depressionKelly, Brendan D.Nur, Nula A.Tyrer, PeterCasey, Patricia R.