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2013Adjustment disorder consideredCasey, Patricia R.Jabbar, Faraz
2012Adjustment disorder: implications for ICD-11 and DSM-5Casey, Patricia R.Doherty, Anne
Feb-2018Adjustment Disorders: A diagnosis whose time has comeBachem, RahelCasey, Patricia R.
Oct-2000A comparative assessment of serological assays used for the diagnosis of brucellosis in cattleTowey, KieranGriffin, John M.Williams, DavidSheahan, MichaelHeneghan, Terry
15-Apr-2016Comparison of three methods for the detection of Angiostrongylus vasorum in the final hostHoupin, E.McCarthy, GrainneFerrand, M.De Waal, TheoO'Neill, Emma J.Zintl, Annetta
Feb-2013Diagnosing language impairment in bilinguals : professional experience and perceptionO'Toole, CiaraHickey, Tina
Oct-2014Distinguishing between adjustment disorder and depressive episode in clinical practice: The role of personality disorderDoherty, AnneJabbar, FarazKelly, Brendan D.Casey, Patricia R.
Jun-2002New approaches to the diagnosis and control of tuberculosis in badgersGormley, EamonnCostello, Eamon
6-Sep-2016Philosophy, psychiatry and avoiding 'real mischief': Review of Philosophy and Psychiatry: Problems, intersections, and new perspectives. Edited by Daniel D. Moseley and Gary J. Gala, Routledge 2015Daly, Anya
2008Tuberculosis in alpaca (Lama pacos) on a farm in Ireland. 1. A clinical reportRyan, Eoin GerardDwyer, P. J.Connolly, D. al.
Feb-2020What Differentiates Children with ADHD Symptoms Who Do and Do Not Receive a Formal Diagnosis? Results from a Prospective Longitudinal Cohort StudyO'Connor, CliodhnaMcNicholas, Fiona