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2013Adjustment disorder consideredCasey, Patricia R.Jabbar, Faraz
2012Adjustment disorder: implications for ICD-11 and DSM-5Casey, Patricia R.Doherty, Anne
Feb-2018Adjustment Disorders: A diagnosis whose time has comeBachem, RahelCasey, Patricia R.
12-Dec-2019Are we getting our wires crossed? Transposition of the great arteriesDoohan, KatieGallagher, GeraldineMoran, Mary
Oct-2000A comparative assessment of serological assays used for the diagnosis of brucellosis in cattleTowey, KieranGriffin, John M.Williams, DavidSheahan, MichaelHeneghan, Terry
15-Apr-2016Comparison of three methods for the detection of Angiostrongylus vasorum in the final hostHoupin, E.McCarthy, GrainneFerrand, M.De Waal, TheoO'Neill, Emma J.Zintl, Annetta
Feb-2013Diagnosing language impairment in bilinguals : professional experience and perceptionO'Toole, CiaraHickey, Tina
Oct-2014Distinguishing between adjustment disorder and depressive episode in clinical practice: The role of personality disorderDoherty, AnneJabbar, FarazKelly, Brendan D.Casey, Patricia R.
Aug-2020Lived Experiences of Diagnostic Shifts in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Contexts: a Qualitative Interview Study with Young People and ParentsO'Connor, CliodhnaMcNicholas, Fiona
12-Dec-2019Looking though the keyhole at MegacystisChaney Cahill, MariaWogan, PatriciaMoran, Mary
Jun-2002New approaches to the diagnosis and control of tuberculosis in badgersGormley, EamonnCostello, Eamon
6-Sep-2016Philosophy, psychiatry and avoiding 'real mischief': Review of Philosophy and Psychiatry: Problems, intersections, and new perspectives. Edited by Daniel D. Moseley and Gary J. Gala, Routledge 2015Daly, Anya
2021Psychologists' Diagnostic Experiences with Girls on the Autistic SpectrumWalsh, Elaine
2008Tuberculosis in alpaca (Lama pacos) on a farm in Ireland. 1. A clinical reportRyan, Eoin GerardDwyer, P. J.Connolly, D. al.
Feb-2020What Differentiates Children with ADHD Symptoms Who Do and Do Not Receive a Formal Diagnosis? Results from a Prospective Longitudinal Cohort StudyO'Connor, CliodhnaMcNicholas, Fiona