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16-Dec-2014Alpha Band Cortico-Muscular Coherence Occurs in Healthy Individuals during Mechanically-Induced TremorBudini, FrancescoMcManus, Lara M.Berchicci, MarikaLowery, Madeleine M.De Vito, Giuseppeet al.
29-Aug-2019Anatomically accurate model of EMG during index finger flexion and abduction derived from diffusion tensor imagingBotelho, Diego PereiraCurran, Kathleen M.Lowery, Madeleine M.
7-Apr-2014Development of mapped stress-field boundary conditions based on a Hill-type muscle modelCardiff, PhilipKarac, AleksandarFitzPatrick, David al.
20-Aug-2016Effect of oral glucose supplementation on surface EMG during fatiguing dynamic exerciseDavidson, ClareDe Vito, GiuseppeLowery, Madeleine M.
24-Apr-2015Fatigue-Related Alterations to Intra-Muscular CoherenceMcManus, Lara M.Hu, XiaogangRymer, WilliamSuresh, NinaLowery, Madeleine M.
Sep-2012Imagining is not doing but involves specific motor commands: A review of experimental data related to motor inhibitionGuillot, AymericDi Rienzo, FranckMacIntyre, TadhgMoran, Aidan P.Collet, Christian
Feb-2019Increased EMG intermuscular coherence and reduced signal complexity in Parkinson's diseaseFlood, Matthew W.Jensen, Bente RonaMalling, Anne-SofieLowery, Madeleine M.
27-Jul-2019The Influence of Force Level and Motor Unit Coherence on Nonlinear Surface EMG Features Examined Using Model SimulationMcManus, Lara M.Botelho, Diego PereiraFlood, Matthew W.Lowery, Madeleine M.
23-Feb-2018Numerical Identification of Motor Units Using an Optimal Control ApproachSproll, TobiasSchiela, AntonLowery, Madeleine M.
30-Jun-2020A Systematic Review Establishing the Current State-of-the-Art, the Limitations, and the DESIRED Checklist in Studies of Direct Neural Interfacing With Robotic Gait Devices in Stroke RehabilitationLennon, OliveTonellato, MicheleFelice, Alessandra Delet al.