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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2010Affective inequalities : challenging (re)distributive, recognition and representational models of social justiceLynch, Kathleen
Sep-2010Affluence versus Equality? A critique of Wilkinson and Pickett’s book ‘The Spirit Level’O'Connell, Michael F.
2011All things considered, should feminists embrace basic income?Baker, John
2008All things considered, should feminists embrace basic income?Baker, John
Jul-2003Anti 'social capital': civic values versus economic equality in the EUO'Connell, Michael F.
2000The challenge of Irish inequalityBaker, John
12-Nov-2019Challenging the Common Room Rules in the 1980sLynch, Kathleen
Jul-2011Crisis and recovery : labour market impact on women and men. Report on IrelandBarry, Ursula
Aug-2012Discrimination on the ground of religion or belief in IrelandVasquez del Aguila, ErnestoCantillon, Sara
Oct-2011The economic case for equality in IrelandCantillon, SaraVasquez del Aguila, Ernesto
1992An egalitarian case for basic incomeBaker, John
2015Equal pay by gender and by nationality. A comparative analysis of Switzerland's unequal equal pay policy regimes across timeErne, RolandImboden, Natalie
2006EqualityBaker, John
Jun-2007Equality : a continuing dialogueBaker, JohnWalsh, JudyCantillon, SaraLynch, Kathleen
30-Jan-2001Equality : frameworks for changeLynch, KathleenBaker, JohnCantillon, Sara
Dec-2006Equality : putting the theory into actionBaker, JohnLynch, KathleenCantillon, SaraWalsh, Judy
2006Equality : what, who, where?Baker, John
2005Equality and human rightsBaker, John
2003Equality and other valuesBaker, John
2009Equality as steady state or equality as threshold? Northern Ireland after the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement, 1998Todd, Jennifer